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    Seeking education and possible direction.

    A very good morning from across the pond. If I may introduce myself to you all I'm Martin a 46 year old male from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. I'm ever so lucky to be in good general health both physically and mentally and I stand approximately 6' 2" tall and a little overweight. If you...
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    Is it Madras form of MND

    Well, it started 6 years back with hand tremor and I am pretty sure for a month or so , the pinky and the ring finger were numb (tingling feeling) most of the time prior to tremors . I have always have had anxiety issues . I was then diagnosed by the doctor as having "essential tremior".But ...
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    36 and diagnosed with mnd

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I am 36 yrs old with a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children. From all the research I have done my case seems to really be off the " norm". About 7 yrs ago I noticed that both of my calf muscles were twitching ( now calling them by there real fancy name...