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    What to expect during late stages?

    Hello, I made a post a few months ago suspecting my Dad had ALS. Six months ago he was up walking, doing perfectly fine. It has been a steady decline to this point, and we have waded through rehab facilities and hospitals like they were hotels. My Dad was finally transferred to UAB Hospital...
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    Likely ALS diagnosis, extensive analysis

    My father was diagnosed with an ALS or a very similar condition. He was treated in a third world country, which cannot pride itself with very advanced diagnostics, so I thought that it would be worth to ask for a second opinion online. I'll try to be very concise. 60 year old, male, 80kg...
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    MND or MMN? In limbo! Please help

    My family and I have been feeling so desperate and confused the past two weeks. My Dad went to doctor initially with weakness in right hand and some muscle wasting in arm (which we thought was from him favouring his left arm for the past year). Doctor sent him to neurologist and during the...
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    EMG Validity

    Hi Guys, I just have a simple question about EMG testing in ALS. How long before can the EMG detect ALS before weakness starts? I had one done back in November/December of 2017 and it came out clean. This is purely out of curiosity as it mentions it detects long before weakness sets in.
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    I had an EMG test done in 2016 when I developed foot drop and was tripping and occasionally falling. The neurologist didn’t have any concern at that time. He said I had some arthritis. I saw a neurosurgeon and decided to do surgery for foot drop on my L5 section, discectomy she called it...
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    Seeking Guidance (Again)

    I had sought guidance in June and received helpful feedback. I have an update and would appreciate any thoughts. I am a 65-year-old male. In mid-2016, I started to have swallowing issues with food occasionally stuck in my throat. I also started to have intermittent issues where my speech...
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    Living with ALS

    I'm still not sure if I want to be a member of this club...I've been hanging around this site reading the threads and trying to find a reason I shouldn't be here. I'm for sure in denial but I may need advice, friendship so ... just in case I wake up from denial, I thought I'd join. :shock: I am...
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    No ALS diagnosis, but still worried

    Hello! I apologize, but I hope I'm just one of the "classic" over-anxious people without ALS that end up annoying everyone who really do have this horrible disease. My story started in late 2015 when I developed pain and mild cramping in my left ring finger. Then in early summer 2016 my lower...
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    Story so far

    Hi all, I've been a lurker on this thread for many months now, and want to garner your opinions on my symptoms so far (23 YO Male). I didn't think to post when my symptoms started (8 months ago) since my troubles were so minute in comparison to the vast majority of forum users, but now that...
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    Seeking Guidance

    I have been seeing a top neurologist for several months. He has told me that I might have ALS, although I might also have some other MND or some form of neuropathy. I would appreciate any thoughtful reactions based on the following facts. I realize that any views expressed have limits, but at...