1. L

    The universe keeps dishing it out.

    We recognized the first anniversary of Kathy's death on December 20. On january 23, the anniversary of her memorial, my father was admitted to the ER with internal bleeding. It was harrowing, as ER admissions can be. He lost half his blood volume. It's possible he had a stroke at that time. My...
  2. Lkaibel

    Brother In Law Died, & New EMG 2/17

    My husband's elder brother had been ill for awhile (cancer) but we had no idea he was near death. Apparently relatives had decided to spare us the death watch. So today my husband found out that his brother died this morning. His son was with him, and he was nearing 71. It was a jolt for sure...
  3. S

    Memorial Service

    How do we get through the memorial service and grieving process for my brother when his 18 year old daughter and his wife don't even want to hear the term ALS?
  4. S

    From a teenage daughter author's point of view

    Hi everyone. My name is Sarah, and I am nineteen years old. The last time I posted on here was about three years ago. My dad was diagnosed with ALS in June 2012, now three years ago. I found out on July 15th, 2012. I found out because I accidentally found a bottle of Rilutek, and I googled what...
  5. Barbie

    Spreading His Ashes <3

    Over Memorial Day weekend my kids and I all flew up to Maine to spread Lonny's Ashes. He was raised in a small town on the coast and considered that his home so I decided that would be a good place for him. I rented a house in the town he lived in and we had a lovely time walking around and...
  6. F

    My journey, more questions. :)

    Hi everyone and Happy Memorial Day. As time goes on, it seems more questions come up. My neurologist retired so I'm in between providers. So, far, what has changed the most is my right hand/arm. It's getting harder to turn the ignition key, can't hold the coffee pot really anything that...
  7. B

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    First off, Happy Memorial Day! A HUGE thanks to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country! Let me preface by admitting that I have discovered that I am a huge hypochondriac. I was sick with a upper respiratory spell for a few weeks. Sore throat, terrible coughing, etc...All...
  8. David

    Loved one or friend passed away? Please submit their eulogy

    We would like to remember members of the forum in proper fashion by having loved ones, or friends, post a photo and details of the individual being remembered on our Memorial Wall. If permissions is required, or a photo can't be found; let me know and I'll reach out to the contact information...
  9. F

    Newly diagnosed and devasted

    Hi everyone, I am newly diagnosed (12-29-15) with ALS. Since my dx, I've been devastated. My mom passed away in August and I was in a pretty deep depression over that when I got my dx a couple month later. I feel like I was hit over the head with a sledgehammer, and that wasn't enough so I...
  10. anderkling

    Spiritual Bouquet for Audrey

    Today is a particularly hard day for Audrey (Jeanau). It's her son's memorial service. He was only 37, and died unexpectedly this week. Faced with the ravages of ALS, she is now grieving an unimaginable loss. What great trials to bear! This thread is to comfort and encourage her with...