1. L

    reflexes and pain question

    Hi, I asked a single question lat month and was satisfied with the response as I felt it was helpful and very much appreciated. I just have two quick questions maybe someone can answer for me. Are hyper reflexes usually an early presentation or after weakness? secondly is cramping a late stage...
  2. C

    Indian Ginseng and Velvet Bean

    This was on ALSnews this morning and i thought i’d share. My Dad already takes Indian Ginseng and now we’ll go get the velvet bean, assuming the AMX-0035 trial allows it...
  3. B

    Potential ALS Diagnosis

    Hello all! I'm posting about my Mother-in-law who has received a potential diagnosis of ALS, but is being sent to a specialist here in Atlanta to confirm. It started in June with back pain/trouble walking and a very slight slurred speech. I'm not sure everyone would have noticed her speech at...
  4. ErinandJen

    Experiences with mullein leaf tincture for lung health?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone here has used mullein leaf tincture (or any other variants of mullein) to manage secretions and general lung health. If you have, what effects did it have for you? My partner Jen is a PALS with a trach and has thick secretions (even when she's sufficiently...
  5. D

    Help/advice about symptoms please!

    Hi everyone. I have read through so many threads before joining and I think this board is a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air from all of the scary stuff on google. I’d love it if you could offer advice on my symptoms, which seem a bit quirky to me. Any feedback is greatly...
  6. R


    Sorry to open a new thread, but nothing else seems to help. I know you told me to go to a doctor, but I physically have not had the time, and I'm going to another country for a few weeks soon. I still get back pain and my back is very sore. The muscles of my neck and shoulders also feel sore...
  7. C

    Looked like MS but could be AlS instead.

    I just have one question. Was anyone told they might have MS but later the doctor decided it was actually ALS? The reason I’m asking is I’ve been seeing an internal medicine doctor for about 8 months. At the beginning he said that my symptoms fit with MS but my MRI’s I had done were not...
  8. L

    Seeking help on my symptoms, scared and depressed

    Hello all, I am desperately seeking for help regarding my symptoms. Doctors do not seem to listen to me or take me seriously so it would be really appreciated if anyone with the knowledge of ALS symptoms could help me. I am an immigrant living in Canada, Toronto, 26 years old female...
  9. C

    Ask the Experts about ALS & Stem Cell - Live Event July 31

    Here is the link for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Facebook live event at 12pm (PT) if anyone is interested.
  10. T

    Hello everyone- I want to share the end of my story

    Hello everyone. I have posted here before. I would like to post one final time and share the end of my story in hopes that it will help those who come here in future in a similar situation to mine. This will be long, so please don't feel like you need to read it- I am not seeking help, but just...