1. T

    Lateral rotation mattress

    Hi all, We are going to be getting a hospital bed soon. I am thinking about a lateral rotation air mattress. My husband doesn't have much use of his arms. I realize that Medicare or insurance probably won't pay. I have a medical condition that requires me to sleep through the night. We...
  2. M

    VA and Hospice

    We aren't there yet, but I am wondering how the VA is with hospice care. My PALS has Medicare also but we have received everything medically needed through the VA with no paperwork or bureaucracy(after the initial claim paperwork) Can someone share how the VA does with hospice? Mary
  3. T


    Hi all, This is my first time posting. My husband is at a point where he almost can't walk. I'm not really prepared for this. I've thought about what I should be doing, but haven't gotten it done yet. I was wondering if anyone has any comments about a hoyer lift that you have been using. I...
  4. C


    Hi All. Very new to all this. Symptoms started about 7 months ago. After 4 Dr.s and 3 states they confirmed what I suspected from the beginning. ALS. Got to say it's harder on the people around me than it is me. Got a few questions. 1. What legal forms do I need to prepare while I still can...
  5. N

    If your Eyegaze needs repaired - beware

    Hi All, Wanted to let you know something that you may not. This is Medicare rules. Brian’s eyegaze computer blew up a couple of months ago. We have it back for repair. Here is the kicker. You have to go through all the same paperwork you did when you purchased it. And you need a face to...
  6. Nikki J

    Gleason Act

    This passed 3 years ago and stopped medicare from making speech generating devices rentals. At the time this was a new policy ( before as it is currently devices were purchased and yours to keep) Renting meant if you went into hospice or had to be hospitalized the eye gaze or whatever was...
  7. V

    Medicare Question

    ISO some medicare help here. My husband is newly diagnosed and being seen at the John Hopkins Clinic. At our appointment last week, it was suggested we go ahead and get the medicare paperwork in and started. My husband is very early stages and only has some weakening in his hands and arms...
  8. O

    Help with daily care may be available through Medicare

    I recently listened to two seminars sponsored in part by the Steve Gleason Foundation. The subject was Medicare-paid custodial care. The basics to qualify are: 1) a patient must be home bound. 2) must require professional medical care such as skilled nursing, speech therapy, or physical...
  9. KimT

    Aciphex no longer available

    I've been taking Aciphex for 20 years. About five years ago, none of the insurance companies would pay for it and I started buying it for cash in Canada through their wonderful online pharmacy. The pharmacists there were wonderful and send me e-mail reminders when my prescription was due...
  10. Chincoteaguer

    Medical transport experiences

    Rescue squad responded to 911 call last Monday and transported my wife to non-hospital emergency room. Kidney infection plus stone blocking ducks required another medical transport to hospital. Both transports covered by Medicare and med gap insurance. Immediate procedure in operating room...