1. D

    Nursing home coverage

    What will Medicare do for nursing home?
  2. D

    Palliative Care

    Does pallative Care, like hospice, disqualify one from Medicare paying for certain items like a power wheelchair?
  3. K

    Optimal living situation- financially, emotionally, spiritually etc

    My pALS is my mom. She is newly diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. As of now her mobility is not impacted too much, just her speech, swallowing and breathing. We have been discussing living arrangements as her mobility and breathing decline. Other pALS out there, what did you decide? Did you...
  4. J

    Medicare-Can I Apply While on Sick Leave?

    I am a federal employee who recently started using my accumulated sick leave after working for the first two plus years after diagnosis. In my preparations for filing for Medicare/SSDI, I cant tell if I have to wait until I have exhausted my accumulated leave before I apply since I will still...
  5. lgelb

    Medicare "What's Covered" app

    Free, now available for iOS and Android.
  6. J

    Insurance/Medicare Coverage for Shower-Commode Chair

    I’m a little over two years post diagnosis and was recently denied insurance coverage for a shower/commode chair. I am a federal employee and have been very happy with coverage thusfar (GEHA). As I prepare to appeal the denial, I’m wondering what others’ experiences have been with insurance...
  7. Ken15

    Medicare & Multidisciplinary Clinic

    My PALS has had her first 2 MDC's @ Mayo Clinic (FL) and Medicare has approved all associated claims except for her neurologist's charges. Naturally, these are the most expensive charges ($305). The procedure codes submitted by the Mayo are 99215 and 99354, with a diagnosis code of Z82.0. In...
  8. KimT

    Keep Constipation in check

    As a result of chronic constipation and going off psyllium for a few months, I developed hemorrhoids. Recently, I discovered bright red blood so I went in for an exam. The gastro found an anal fissure and scheduled me for a procedure to have a closer look and treat the hemorrhoids at the same...
  9. lgelb

    Medicare Advantage changes

    Since Medicare open enrollment is happening through December 7, just a quick note on some 2019 changes that could affect your decisions. It is always worth looking at what you have vs. the competition every year. Not all counties have MA plans available if you are <65 or at all, but many do...
  10. A

    Nuedexta and radicava

    My mother found out that she’ll be able to start radicava soon and Medicare is going to cover the entire cost! She also had a feeding tube put in last week at Mass General and it went well. She can still eat relatively normally but gets tired after a while and has lost a little weight. She...