medical marijuana

  1. Kristina1

    medical marijuana and traveling

    So I got on the mmj bandwagon. It's definitely helping me. But I am traveling across state lines several times over the summer and was wondering what others do in this situation. I was told when I got the license for it that it is illegal to bring across state lines with me.
  2. S

    First I don't think I have ALS--just need opinions and resources

    I'm 32/female. This all started when I was 15 and has slowly, very, very slowly eaten away at my body. I do not think I have ALS. This is way too slow. My problem areas are all on left side of my body, except for my toes. I haven't been able to wiggle or bend my toes on either foot for about 10...
  3. mbg1977

    Sativex Medical Marijuana

    has anyone tried Sativex?? Medical Marijuana | ALS Worldwide
  4. Kristina1


    I have trouble falling asleep mainly due to my hand. When I lay down to sleep I get strong fasiculations that shoot down my arm and jerk my fingers. My hand also will involuntarily clench to the point of my nails painfully digging into my palm. If I lay my hand palm down on the bed it hurts...
  5. S

    Medical marijuana prescription

    Hi all, We had an appointment today and the main dr is open to prescribing cbd oil and any other cannabis products my dad needs. After some research a few months ago I bought him CBD oil that is 10mg/ml. Going forward though, I know some people suggest other versions like adding some THC to the...
  6. J

    Use of medical marijuana

    Dear Friends, I hope my post finds you all in good spirits . I know some of you are using mm. My question is what form.? I do not take anything by mouth and smoke doesnt seem appropriate as my breathing is so bad. I was told hash oil was the way to go. How is that used? Do I put a drop...
  7. J

    Huge help to control excess saliva from bulbar ALS (Glycopyrrolate)

    About two years after receiving his ALS diagnosis, my dad started to experience excessive saliva. He had to clear his throat through coughing because it was difficult for him to spit. After trying Nuedexta, Amitriptyline, and several other prescription drugs, we found Glycopyrrolate to be by...
  8. KimT

    MM and the VA

    Someone from my group contacted me today. He is a Vet and we have become friends. He wants to try medical marijuana but said the VA would not allow it, even if he gets a card and buys it from a dispensary here in Florida. Why?
  9. S

    Medical marijuana

    Hi, I've been posting on here on and off since my brothers ALS diagnosis last July. He's only 40 and has a toddler and a new baby only 8 weeks old. We're all devastated and I've spent a lot of time researching treatments and therapies. His situation at the moment is that he's being given IVIG...
  10. J


    Hi. I'm 34. Known for almost a month that I have ALS/MND w/FTD. I went to the ALS clinic today but only saw a nurse. No Dr's were in. The muscle that comes from under my scalpula down the right side of my back and and around my side keeps cramping. It's not a little crampy. Its a 'medical...