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    Give a LIFT for ALS Idea

    Hello all, Something I wanted to share that was developed by a charity in Canada: 'Give a LIFT for ALS' was recently selected as the winner of a global creative competition trying to come up with original ideas that could build on the extraordinary success of the Ice Bucket Challenge...
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    Pill crushers

    I just tried to post this in the PEG section but it rejected it for some reason. Anyway: Anyone want to recommend an awesome pill crusher? I have one of these guys ( but it takes a lot of strength to deal with it. I...
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    Conduction test questions

    Can someone explain me why conduction velocity of the nerves differ significantly from each other in my exam(Axillary, Ulnar and Median in wrist segment and Ulnar above albow). Numbers are not filled in but you can easly count that Axillary nerve conducts with velocity of 42 m/s. Also amplitude...
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    Getting Concerned

    HI - hoping I might get some guidance here. I started to have foot slap symptoms in January - went to my GP who did a full blood screen - all normal. She sent me to a neurologist who ordered MRI of lumbar spin - no unusual findings. thoracic spine same. Did an EMG of my left leg which showed...
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    My son was using this device and became very proficient. However, his eyesight unexpectedly deteriorated very quickly and lost this way of communicating. It was such a gift for him when he was able to communicate with it. It's very hard for us to part with, but we're hoping it will be...
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    MND Australia - Title Trials potentially to start 2019 in Australia & elsewhere on MND/ALS patients. Safety trials to start 2018 on healthy people to test toxicity.
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    A podcast about a PALS

    Hello, I came across this episode of a podcast that I sometimes listen to, in this episode they interview a young ALS patient: The story starts around 16 minutes in. I would love to hear your impressions about it.
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    Abnormal EMG... Very worried

    Hi there, Thank you so much for being here. This is the first time I post here. I'm from Thailand and English is my second language, so I apologize in advance. I will try to be as clear as I can. My symptoms have started for about 1 - 1.5 months now including weakness in left leg and left arm...
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    Possible symptoms?

    Before writing further, I want to note that I have read the Common Concern and getting a diagnosis stickies. I hesitated to even describe my symptoms because several would seem to point in contrary directions from ALS. However, I'm going to post here regardless because (1) some symptoms do...
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    Concerned Over Symptoms.

    I just want to thank you first, for reading my post, and answering it to the best of your ability. THANK YOU! Ok, with that said, I'm concerned with some of my symptoms. I've had twitching throughout my body for about 1 year. I went to the doctor 11 months ago, and he recommended that if...