1. S

    New to Website

    Good Evening Everyone ~ My father-in-law was diagnosed with PLS in October 2007. It has been a hard battle for him to accept his diagnoses. I have done some searching and I have found no PLS support groups....I would like to request any updates on those of you who have this and could give...
  2. G

    Huge ALS Awareness Event

    Last May when my husband and I attended National Advocacy Days in Washington DC, we were extremely disappointed by the lack of media coverage of this event (coverage was non-existant). Being the "go getter" that he is, plans were started to make the trip to Washington DC this year a memorable...
  3. ZenArcher

    Join Us in the War Against Lou Gehrig's Disease

    As Veteran's Day approaches, The ALS Association's Advocacy Department is launching a letter-to-the-editor campaign to raise awareness of the connection between ALS and military service and build support for our cause on Capitol Hill. Therefore, we have prepared a sample letter that you can...
  4. rcharlton

    ALS halted in mice study

    My Friend in Med school who is focusing her studies on ALS believes that this study is the most important development in ALS research for some time. The study involved mice subject to a familial form of ALS and the researchers were able to stop the progression of ALS using small interfering...
  5. T

    Pray for ALS Day

    Hi everyone, I've put off this posting because I wanted to be more organized with this idea before publishing it to everyone but in light of Chris' passing and questions about how we continue to fight to raise awareness, perhaps now is the time to post. When Dwain was first diagnosed, I spent...
  6. T

    Michael J Fox

    Generally a purely fictional reader of sagas, romance, mysteries, intrigue, etc, always a book in progress, pages folded over on the couch to save where I had left off, I was loaned the first autobiography I have ever read, Michael J Fox, "Lucky Man". I found the book rivetting, having watched...
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    Thjng you may not wish to disscuss
  8. M

    for your use

    i have over the past threeyears made some successful presentations. these are available for your use at; and feel free to do what you wish with these other than poke fun at them. also remember your local funding...