massage therapy

  1. C

    Concerned this may be ALS

    Hello, This is my first posting concerning the possibility I may have ALS. I'm 44 years old and until recently I have been relatively healthy. I work from home and my occupation requires me at a computer for long periods of time and my lifestyle has become more sedentary the past couple of...
  2. ShiftKicker

    Massage therapy= pain?

    I have recently been unable to exercise and stretch easily on my own. I began to get puffy legs and ankles, so I started seeing a massage therapist once weekly about 6 weeks ago, to great effect. The therapist is VERY gentle and only does passive rom and gentle manipulation to help increase...
  3. S


    Has anyone tried massage therapy for ALS?
  4. A

    Having severe back pain

    I am an IT professional and I have been working in this field for about 25 years. I use to suffer severe back pain nowadays. And I have heard that a massage will do for a neck pain rather than medications and exercises. My sister has had severe neck pain long back and she used to go for...
  5. AfraidButNotAlone

    Physical Therapies

    I have read a lot about folks getting range of motion therapy and some cardio type stuff. I have pretty good range of motion, but not perfect. I have a sever loss of strength, as I suspect a number of folks on here do. My problem is that my muscles feel like I have just finished a workout...
  6. T

    Sorry to bother you all but I'm desperate

    I'm truely sorry to bother all you kind folks who have this devastating disease, but I'm desperate.Today my doc kept asking me if I had weakness but honestly even after reading you forum topics I'm stumped. Below is my story although long its is the complete symptom list ,this has been going on...
  7. C

    Myofascial Release

    Hi All, Is anyone familiar with myofascial release massage therapy? if so, is there any effectiveness on those suffering will MND? CC
  8. Sammantha


    My back or more like pelvic muscles were hit earlyy on. NOW my lower back in the words of my son, looks like someone took a shovel and scooped it out! Forget the the years of pain or the fact my ribcage feels like it being held up bone on bone....doctors rarely ask about it. That was my first...
  9. BarryG

    Season of the Twitch

    Hallo all you wonderful people's. My name is Boris, I'm 21 and I live in lower Krackpotia where the only neurologist is my uncle Wictor who is a three hour dog cart trip up into the mountains. My problem is non stop twitching in my male member. Also there intermittent swelling and atrophy...
  10. kelly

    Hospice Meeting

    Well we met with hospice last week. Definitely lots of emotions gearing up to our initial meeting. We had tons of questions on what hospice would mean for our family. Our biggest concern is not feeling in control because Hospice takes over as a sort of case manager. We will still have our same...