massage chair

  1. F

    Is there a trigger that causes ALS?

    Today I went to my first ALS meeting. There were three PALS and four CALS at the meeting. I mentioned that, when I first had pain in my legs (about 6 years ago), I got a massage chair and that helped me. One of the CALS stated that this could have triggered my ALS. Is that true? Did I do...
  2. Pkmado

    Massage chair or table and other thoughts

    Phil loves a massage. I am going to purchase a table or chair. I am not sure which. P thinks a chair as he will be able to get in an out of it better since his legs are good. I think a table for total relaxation. of course it is difficult for him to get on and off. We have a retired nurse as a...
  3. CGARS

    Massage chair Vs. Massage bed?

    Any advice from personal experience would be appreciated. Spasticity is my worst enemy. Especially since winter is fast aproaching in the Great White North. We are looking at purchasing either an adjustible bed with massage features, or a massage chair with massage and heat features. I know I...