1. KarenNWendyn

    Biology research project

    There was a biology student who was studying equilibrium in sea birds with a specific focus on terns. He proposed that giving measured doses of THC (from, of course, marijuana) and observing their flight patterns would give some insight to the problems of equilibrium in three dimensional space...
  2. A

    my journey winding down

    now that the end approaches thought I'd share a few things,. This group has provided the best support. My five years have been filled with joy I never thought possible. I give credit to my attitude of not letting this beast get hold of my heart and soul. Also for my determination to follow...
  3. Kristina1

    medical marijuana and traveling

    So I got on the mmj bandwagon. It's definitely helping me. But I am traveling across state lines several times over the summer and was wondering what others do in this situation. I was told when I got the license for it that it is illegal to bring across state lines with me.
  4. KimT

    Good news for Massachusetts Medical Cannabis
  5. D

    Treatment with cannabis oil, please share your experience

    Dear Sir or Madam. My daddy 57 years old. In November 2017, my loved daddy was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS disease or motor neuron disease). Bulbar shape in the initial stage. Symptoms: the blurred (smeared) speech, twitching of the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle...
  6. mbg1977

    Sativex Medical Marijuana

    has anyone tried Sativex?? Medical Marijuana | ALS Worldwide
  7. Kristina1


    I have trouble falling asleep mainly due to my hand. When I lay down to sleep I get strong fasiculations that shoot down my arm and jerk my fingers. My hand also will involuntarily clench to the point of my nails painfully digging into my palm. If I lay my hand palm down on the bed it hurts...
  8. S

    Medical marijuana prescription

    Hi all, We had an appointment today and the main dr is open to prescribing cbd oil and any other cannabis products my dad needs. After some research a few months ago I bought him CBD oil that is 10mg/ml. Going forward though, I know some people suggest other versions like adding some THC to the...
  9. Z

    Possible/likely ALS - afraid and uncertain

    Hi all, I am 21, male (yes, I know; read on though, please) I have been severely depressed for several years. Last year I took to a lot of drug use and grappled with marijuana addiction. During the worst of this time, I smoked large amounts daily out of a gravity bong jerry rigged from a...
  10. J

    Use of medical marijuana

    Dear Friends, I hope my post finds you all in good spirits . I know some of you are using mm. My question is what form.? I do not take anything by mouth and smoke doesnt seem appropriate as my breathing is so bad. I was told hash oil was the way to go. How is that used? Do I put a drop...