1. Kristina1

    renting wheelchair van on vacations

    I'm having a hard time finding wheelchair van rentals based on a google search. Is it possible to rent a van when you fly somewhere and want to use your pwc while there? My manual chair is not good for more than short uses.
  2. Jamesgol

    Wheelchair & van advice?

    I have now reached the stage where a wheel chair and van combination are needed. My neurologist just wrote the prescription for a wheel chair yesterday. The ALS Society is going to loan me a Permobil F3 until I can get one of my own. Which type of wheel chair (and options) do you prefer? What...
  3. K

    My Husbands Worried.

    Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join and be able to post here. I've been on this website a lot since October 2017 and I'll explain why. My husband, who is 31 years old began getting some twitching in his muscles in or around October 2017. He went to his GP for around two visits before the...
  4. P

    Concerned about ALS

    Good Afternoon, I have spent plenty of time reading on this board and trying to find answers to all the questions that I have. A lot of my questions have been answered, but I still have a few doubts. I am hoping that you guys can help me answer some of those. I have been experiencing symptoms...
  5. A

    warning about power hoyer lift

    my hoyer lift stopped with me in the highest point. We had not bothered to find the Manuel override. It was not obvious and took research to figure out as the company is out of business and no online manual could be found . it was torture to get me down, but would have been unnecessary if we...
  6. S

    Barely Used Tobii Dynavox I-15+ for sale with compass and gaze

    Selling my dad's barely used Tobii Dynavox as he recently passed away. It is the I-15+ with compass software and gaze communication, and also includes the keyboard, a wheelchair mount, and the carrying case as well as the manual and receipt (it was approx $16,000 brand new). Please contact me...
  7. Buckhorn

    2010 Dodge Caravan wheelchair van; location Northeastern PA

    This van is in excellent shape. Current mileage is 36,200 miles. V6, automatic transmission, FWD. Used for just 9 months. It drives very well, excellent handling, very smooth. Tires are excellent. Manual drop down drive up entry ramp which is very easy to operate, not heavy, & able to...
  8. Kristina1

    severe back pain

    Hi everyone. I recently traveled to visit my brother out of state. Since coming back, I have had severe mid-low back pain. I believe it was caused by the way I was sitting while traveling and my weakness in the muscles that support your posture when you sit. On the day I came home I was in a...
  9. Tippenme

    Newbie--need help decoding respiratory numbers...

    Hello to all: I am a newbie and was diagnosed after a year of symptoms in June of 2018 at OHSU here in Portland. (I had previously gone to Mayo in Rochester and was badly misdiagnosed...a story for another time perhaps.) I have been reading through the forums and am truly blown away by the...
  10. S

    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    My dad recently passed after a 2 year battle with ALS. I was his only relative, so by default became a caretaker. I spent hundreds of hours on VA benefits and my Dad's wish was for me to help others. I found PVA and DAV in my area to be of very limited help. They basically got me started and...
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