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    Use of Calcium EAP

    I've read that a doctor in Germany used Calcium EAP to treat ALS with some success in the 1960's (Calcium EAP is actually a salt of 2-aminoethanol phosphate) which acts as a gatekeeper of cell health,affecting absorption of minerals by certain cell receptors and also prevents the absorption of...
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    scaried and worried

    I had a thyroid surgery last year. The right side of my thyroid was gone and now I had only the left side. After the surgery I had a bad infection and during this infection I started to feel twitches in my left toe. After the infection this fasciculations become spread in my body. Sometimes I...
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    Fasciculations and the Holistic doctor answers

    After waiting 6 weeks to see a Holistic practitioner, I finally met with one who offered me some hope today. I have been dealing with the facial and leg fasciculations for @ 4 months- taken everything from Neurontin/ Valium/ Wellbutrin/ Xanax and Flexeril. Nothng has worked at calming the...
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    als pma are what?

    ALS and PMA are what? i have been seeing a neuro for 3 months emg normal after 2 months with slowed motor nerves in conduction test no sessory involvment a couple of weeks ago he said my reflexes in my arms were sloed are decreased my question is will magnesium cause this ive been takeing it...
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    My program

    In the last six weeks I've read a ton of information about ALS/MND. I now believe I know more about it than most doctors:-) After considering my options, this is what I've decided to do as a starting program, reserving the right to alter or amend it as new information comes to me. I'd...