1. P

    Is tingling als related

    Hi all I'm just here looking for advice ,I'm a 42 year old lady who went to bed one night and woke up with all 4 limbs tingling none stop toes to knees and both hands it's been there none stop for 22 months now without a second break ever , muscle twitches started 6 months ago in my legs and...
  2. Bestfriends14

    Problematic in-laws

    Hello, I would like to get some feedback on an issues that my poor husband has faced with his parents. In short, his parents took off and moved 4 hours away when my husband was in a bad way from a clinical trial he was on. They didn't tell him they were moving, and after 8 days of them being...
  3. P


    Hello Everyone! This is my first post so bare with me. I'll spare everyone the details that took me from Aug. 2016 to now but as of now my Neurologist believes I may have PLS. I have had one MRI, 2 EMG's, several blood test and my next visit with her is Sept. 25th. I am seeing another...
  4. F

    Geezer Doctor

    The Retired Doctor An old physician, Doctor Gordon Geezer, became very bored in retirement and decided to re-open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500 - if not cured, get back $1,000." Doctor Digger Young, who was...
  5. Y

    3.5 years with symptoms, finnaly went to ALS doctor

    Hello, I promised I will not post until I get checked with my doctor. I still have an appointment with rheumatologist but it will be in April. So as the title says, i’ve been to als neurologist in Slovenia. The doctor seems really nice and well educated, I’m a bit calmer now. He did complete...
  6. M

    Mom doesn't have much time left, her husband not doing anything

    My mom was diagnosed with advanced ALS this past Saturday in Tennessee. I drove up from Alabama. My dad drove down from Michigan. By the time I was able to get here they had already sent her home. I knew her husband is an alcoholic but not to the point he can't care for her. My mom isn't...
  7. D

    Chronic Wasting Disease and Mad Cow Disease

    Chronic Wasting Disease and Mad Cow Disease in Cattle and Deer and Elk and ALS Lou Gehrig Disease in Humans have lots in common it appears to me. I'm going to look into this more. I'm sure science is looking at this. Am I ringing any bells.
  8. R

    Is this atrophy?

    Hello everyone First of all I want to thank you for what are you doing, for that great support and basically for everything you do for the people on this site. So I hope you can help me in some way and decrease my level of anxiety and stress. I am a young male working as a bus driver so...
  9. tripete

    Minnesota Vikings Fan Here

    This comes from one of the blogs I read: Ole and Sven die in a snowmobiling accident, drunker than skunks, And go to Hell. The Devil observes that they are really enjoying themselves. He says to them ’Doesn’t the heat and smoke bother you?’ Ole replies, ‘Vell, ya know, ve’re from nordern...
  10. M

    Strange Symptoms

    Hi everyone. New member here with a first post. Still looking for an elusive diagnosis for my symptoms, and I'm still waiting for a call for an EMG appointment. :mad: Anyway, I have several symptoms that could suggest ALS, but I thought I might ask if any of you have experience with some other...