1. B

    Lunasin trial results

    I know most know that the Lunasin trial didn't show significant results, but I thought I'd link a summary poster about the study. Here's the link
  2. P

    NEGATIVE genetics results?

    My wife is in the area of probable ALS. Her first symptoms were late 2015 and 2.5 years later she can still walk with assistance, speak, swallow, and breathe nornally. She was on lunasin for a month and seemed to improve fine motor movement and in the past responded well to high dose...
  3. S

    Lunasin again

    Can anyone point me to a report, formal or informal, on the outcome of Bedlack's Lunasin study? I see nothing new in ALS Untangled or via Google search or search here. I'm using up the supply I have on hand, and while my progression is fairly slow, it is happening and the only benefit I've...
  4. bkite

    Is This Nearing the End?

    Last two weeks I have been sleepy or sleeping all the time. I nap twice a day for 90 minutes. 8 hours at night. I use the ventilator 20 hours daily on Passive AVAPS. Spirometer testing last week was at 19% FVC. Fluid and food intake is good through the MIC-KEY button. No pain, just stiffness...
  5. Nikki J


    Dr Bedlack shared his MNDA poster on the lunasin trial update on his facebook page It is at the top of the page just now. Later you will have to scroll down
  6. H

    Free lunasin supplements in India and goodbye to my mother

    Just want to offer some lunasin supplements for free in India. My mother passed yesterday suddenly after fighting with disease for 11 months. I have some bottles for lunasin, reliv now and Provantage. Sorry don't have the complete count. I am based in India and I know how difficult is to...
  7. B


    Hi Everyone, Just wondering, like lunasin, if anyone is taking this medication and if so, are there any noticeable changes? B
  8. KimT

    How Many are still taking Tudca?

    I've been waffling back and forth between Tudca and Lunasin and I think I'm going to give Tudca another shot. How many of you are still taking it and were you able to work up to 2 grams a day?
  9. J

    Lunasin results/reviews/issues

    Since so many of us are trying the Lunasin protocol, I thought it might be helpful to group all related comments together. Please let me know your thoughts: I have been on lunasin for two months and the major difference I have noticed the twitching has really reduced. I am not sure if that is...
  10. B

    Thoughts on Research

    So having been a part of this board for about a year, it seems that if anyone is looking for any type of "cure" in the next year or 2, it will have to come in the form of almost an accidental discovery. For example, Perampanel or some other existing drug that has an unexpected response to ALS...