1. B

    Merry Christmas

    Our Savior is born anew every Christmas. May He be born anew in your heart . May you be enfolded in joy, peace and love. May blessings abound. B
  2. B

    Christmas hymns

    In the spirit of the season the following link will bring you religious Christmas hymns with pictures by Thomas Kinkade. May they lift your spirit and help to bring you peace. You are miraculously and wondrously made. You are a part of the universe, present in the creation. He was born at...
  3. S

    A year has past...

    This morning at 4:11 was one year since the love of my life became free of his hell. Or should I say our hell... I don't even know what to think about that. The hell we went through, is more than I can believe actually. Honestly, how do any of us make it through that? At 4:11, another kind of...
  4. P

    Seeking Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Hello, I am hoping to find a used Permobil F3 or F5 wheelchair for my father soon. His current wheelchair does not have a tilt or rise feature which he will soon need. I live in Oklahoma, but am able to travel for pickup. I saw that soonerwife was selling one a few months ago, but I'm...
  5. N

    My PALS is now in heaven

    My love is gone. I feel numb and lost even though I thought I was prepared for this. He hung on so so long, I don’t know how, but he did. This journey has forever changed me and my family. The little ones seem to be coping okay so far (way more clingy though), and I am trying to find a new...
  6. P

    Interabled relationship advice

    Hello everyone. I am in a relationship with a beautiful man who happens to have als. We met when I began helping him as his caregiver. We have so much in common and just hit it off immediately. I know he is ill but I still see HIM the man and not the illness. I watched a documentary where the...
  7. B

    True Event - Scammer Scammed!

    :lol: If you have been annoyed by scammer e-mails, this is for you! It’s about time they get some of their own annoyance returned to them. I love it! The guy’s a genius. B.
  8. Nuts

    Matt is gone

    We set my darling husband, Matt, free today. He made me promise to do it, but he clung to life even when life offered him nothing but pain. He was a fighter to the end. He was comfortable, and he did not appear distressed--but he was stronger than anyone imagined. He was surrounded by his...
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    concerned symptoms.....not sure what to think

    Hello, First off, I had been lurking here for about a year now and read the sticky note and that is why I haven’t posted anything yet. My thoughts and prayers are with you all who have this disease! My situation is a little different and would love for you some advice. Even if you told me to...
  10. C

    Yahoo article

    Opened Yahoo this morning and there was an article about an Australian man's recent passing from ALS.