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  1. S

    EMG results

    Hello guys...I am a 28 years old and I started having muscle twitches in December 2018. I had a EMG today and it showed fasciculations in every muscle, but also fibrillations and polyphasics in some muscles. My doctor was worried and would like to repeat the test in two months....I am scared...
  2. T

    The Lonely Burden of Not Dumping In.

    Hello Everyone: This is how I basically handle most crisis in my life: How not to say the wrong thing - latimes The gist is, draw a small circle and write the person at the center of the current crisis in the center ring, then draw another ring and write the names of the people most affected...
  3. pdcraig

    What now? part 2

    It's late, can't sleep. Just rambing, trying to put some thoughts in order. I can't believe it's been 4 months since Ferd died. It feels like I haven't seen him in forever, like it's been so much longer. And then I think it's only been 4 months, that's why this still feels so raw. I'm back at...
  4. C

    Touching Base

    It's been 5 and a half weeks since Mom passed and it has been such a whirlwind, but I've been thinking about the folks here with such gratitude. (I've typed five summaries of these last weeks and keep deleting them. Suffice it to say that they've been busy and good and sad and maybe I'm...
  5. A

    Falling apart - a bit of a rant

    It's been a rough couple of days and I am really struggling. I need to vent a bit, and I feel like this is the only place where anyone will actually understand. I had to call an ambulance to take my PALS to hospital on Friday night. He's been constipated on and off for a couple of weeks and we...
  6. A

    Nerve conduction study

    Merry Christmas to all you lovely people. Quick question my ncs showed no peroneal nerve response was wondering if ncs are normal in patients with als. This is so ridiculous I was doing good with my anxiety holidays set me back cause I am a single mom and I know my son is enough but I feel...
  7. J

    Two months yesterday

    Hi, Just looking for someone to talk to. I feel so depressed the past few days. I mean I've been sad and have my moments but it just feels like it's taken over my body. I keep picturing Jay when his breathing slowed and then his final breath. I go to work every day and then to go to my...
  8. Lkaibel

    A Place to Speak My Truths

    That is what this forum is to me. I am happy for any constructive, supportive things I can do for others but I honestly just love how I can say what I mean here about my own life. People ask me how Brian is, bless their hearts. I appreciate it, and I say he is okay/stable. I may change that to...
  9. P

    Friend diagnosed and is isolating :(

    Hello....A close friend has been diagnosed with bulbar ALS 4/2016. She has a wonderful husband, 2 parents close by, & 3 young adult children. One still in HS with my children. She & her family have kept her diagnosis private. She spoke to me about it July 2016. I have been honoring her...
  10. H

    Recently diagnosed

    I have never posted in a forum or participated in one. I am sitting here tonight unable to sleep. In in a state of great sadness and despair. My husband is sleeping and i know i could wake him but he's under such stress and strain of this I don't feel as if I can burden him with this i was...

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