lip atrophy

  1. E

    Droopy left lower lip

    Hi al - thank you for taking time to read my note. For about a year I’ve had some trouble swallowing and pronouncing certain sounds - esp s and t and ‘tion’ I have a one year old and chalked it up to lack of sleep. About six weeks ago I noticed my left lower lip is dropping when I make...
  2. L

    Lip atrophy

    anybody ever hear about bulbar symptoms starting with lip problems as onset,,,ie atrophy,Lips sticking together,lip twitching,mispronunciation of words.... without swallowing difficulties?
  3. rose

    If you've wondered what sleep studies entail...

    For your viewing pleasure, I added a photo from my fun filled session last night. It is at the beginning of my lip atrophy album, as didn't seem worthy of getting its own album. :) Its a true glamor shot, no makeup and lots of patches, wires, and spiffy CPAP headgear. (More notes about the...
  4. rose

    OK Ladies, Lip atrophy album created

    The weirdness of this is almost too much for me. I cannot believe I'm actually posting such unflattering photos of myself on the internet! Many without makeup even (horrors 8-) LOL) . Some of us have had conversations about the lip atrophy, and how distressing it is especially for a woman due...