1. J

    Scared for my dad

    Hi everyone, I'm writing because I'm scared for my dad (59 y/o) based on some symptoms he's having. We live in a rural area and access to tests/specialists has been really slow. Here's a summary: 1. Began experiencing (according to him) some minor right foot drop in July 2...
  2. swalker

    Remember to check your Van's Battery

    We have a van with a Braun Vangater II lift. These lifts put a significant strain on the battery. We often have used the lift without the van running, which really puts a strain on the battery. We bought our used van in February 2015. We installed a new battery in April 2015 just to make...
  3. Michellesews

    What can anyone share about Hoyer Lifts?

    I need one and our primary will order one at which time we will receive training at the VA. My neighbor across the street has been great about running over but I hate to impose on neighbors. Michelle in Texas
  4. L

    Sorry, but very afraid

    Hi everyone! Sorry to bother you all, but over the past month I've been experiencing the constant need to yawn and to sigh (I'm guessing I'm yawning 100 times a day, at least) and have been waking up around twice every night for this month, some times waking up confused and in a dream-like...
  5. N

    life without a lift

    Hello to all. Have any of you tackled the long journey of ALS without a lift? We are surely at the point where a lift would normally be considered and/or necessary, but we are reluctant. I am still able to move my pALS around with transfer boards and a scooter. He has no lower body strength...
  6. A

    How do you go on?

    My husband was diagnosed just 3 short weeks ago. He began walking funny about 6-7 months ago, experiencing weakness in his legs and arms. Falling and having difficulty getting up. He finally went to our doctor who sent him to a neurologist who did EMG's and an MRI. This doc found a herniated...
  7. 4tloml

    EZ Lift or other portable wheelchairs

    There's an old (closed) thread that mentions the EZ Lift electric wheelchair and another, the Zipper, but I'm wondering if anyone has used a portable power wheelchair and what their experience has been. The EZ Lift with the joy stick now has a deluxe model with a 5-position adjustable back and...
  8. starente15

    Is it possible

    That the VA pays for a PWC but not for the mechanism that lifts a person up from a seated position? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone some days with these bizarre questions. How could that even be possible when they cover everything else? Every day we have a new obstacle. My father heard...
  9. hjlindley

    Choosing a Lift

    I think I'm at the point that I need to buy my own lift. Does anyone have a lift you are fond of or that is worked out well for you. I have a manual lift on loan from the loaner closet, but I'm able to buy one and free that up for the people who really need it. I've looked at Hoyer, direct...
  10. D

    Dysphagia as first symptom ?

    Warning, long story! 32 years old male, apparently,hopefully, in good health! November 2013 all of a sudden I had issues swallowing, felt like my throat was really small and had to chew forever in order not to choke. I went to an ENT and she said I had chronic tonsilitis and to take them out...