life is good

  1. tripete

    Holidays - To those who have lost

    There are many caregivers who have lost their loved ones and continue to help those of us who are still fighting this beast. It must be difficult for you to be facing the holidays without those who you love with you. To all of you I want to say thank you and Merry Christmas. I hope that as the...
  2. Firefighter58

    Life is good

    Hi folks, good news today. Tonight my son and his family are coming for dinner, That includes my two grand kids that I have not seen for months. My seventeen year old grandson who is trying to figure out if the world is truly round and my sixteen year old granddaughter who looks like a model...
  3. M


    You are here Home » Blogs » mrs70's blog Slow but relentless progression of PLS Submitted by mrs70 on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 15:26 Hi, I just found this site today and am glad to have found you. I was diagnosed with PLS in 1998. So, I have been living with it a long time. It's been slow, but...
  4. P

    old age and als

    if there is a law in nature that x number of people must be diagnosed with als i am glad it was me an not another young person with small children (that always brings a tear) my wife of 55 years and i have been truely blessed. children grown and secure in their careers. two good and rewarding...
  5. Tokahfang

    Conversion Disorder and other Functional Neuro Illnesses

    This description is based on research up to June 2009. Functional/somatoform neurological disorders are mental illnesses and adaptations that cause real physical symptoms, but without an addressable physical cause. The one I'm going to be talking about mostly is conversion, because I know it...
  6. Chameleon

    New Here- Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone... I've been lurking in the ALS forum since before I was diagnosed in April 2010 to see what the scoop was on ALS. I've got the picture now and don't like it much, but there's no use complaining. At this point, I'm still walking and talking, so I consider myself fortunate. I've...
  7. R

    Peg and fvc is in the 20

    Hi Everyone, My husband Joe is going to the Dr on tuesday for a consult for a peg. He really needs the peg. When he was first Dx they said he should make up his mind before he reaches 50% on his FVC test. That has a long time come and gone. He said flat out no peg. Now he is having such...
  8. 0


    Hello, My name is Brian I am 37 years old and a father of four children. I am currently a police officer and life is good. However a month and a half ago I began getting what I thought was flu like symptoms (Aching just plain feeling like crap) After On the third day I began feeling a little...