leonard florence center

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    ALS Residence

    Y'all have got to see this! What a determined, inspired and courageous man! Look at the facility! It's fantastic! Right down to the table settings! I know it's hard for pALS and cALS to donate for this cause, but if you could pass this on to your friends and family, that would be great...
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    Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence NOT

    Have anyone heard of the Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence? I read about it and was excited to go give them a visit and report back to my local ALSA chapter. I contacted their admissions director and tried to arrange a visit. She asked me to submit an admissions application, which I did. But...
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    Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence

    This is our new web site for the Leonard Florence Center which will house the ALS Residence. Until there is a cure we plan on building a residence in any state that has the need for such a house. www.Leonardflorencecenter.org.