leg pain

  1. M

    test results/need help

    Hi - I need some advise. About a month ago I started having lower leg pain on my right leg. I was to concerned with it until I noticed a dent on the outer side of my leg, right below my knee. It really scared me, thinking it was atrophy. I called and made an appt. with my neurologist to have...
  2. G

    Has anyone tried Celebrex for leg pain?

    Husband has been taking a lot Motrin and Tylenol for leg pain. Neuro just prescribed Celebrex 100mg daily. Motrin 800mg tore up his stomach and Tylenol hasn't helped much, has anyone had any success with the Celebrex?
  3. MtPockets

    Leg Pain at night from not moving?

    I have been having really bad pain in my legs at night that I think comes from not being able to move in my sleep. I have to wake up and use the trapeze bar to move any at all, since my legs will not move on their own. In the past few months I have noticed a pain that is not like the nerve pain...
  4. K

    Concerned about ALS (long!)

    Hi: I am a 29 year old male, non-smoker, occasional drinker. Excellent health until my symptoms flared up. Last thanksgiving, I woke up with an intense neck pain, exacerbated by moving my head. Symptoms resolved within a week. Now fast forward to mid-May. I started experiencing tingling...
  5. M

    Have questions-please help

    Hi-please let me tell you about my symptoms as I am so scared I can't sleep at night. Twitching began overnight on March 16 07-everywhere backs of shoulders, triceps, thighs,calves cramping in arches of both feet and pain in the hands by the thumbs. I had a slight left eyelid heavy feeling and...
  6. L

    Myoclonus / Fasciculations

    Hello. I, like most here, have been all over the Web looking for information and hopefully some reassurance. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any concrete answers out there. Hopefully someone here can shed some light on my situation. I'm a 33 year old male who started down this long and...
  7. T


    I have posted many times before, and here I go again. Now my issues all started within about two weeks time. It went from a very sore shoulder "blade" that affected my thumb usage then to full body fatigue where both arms and legs felt like led. The shoulder quickly cleared up. Then it moved...