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    ALS Anxiety - Soreness/Tightness/Twitching in Thigh

    Hello everyone, My name is Philip, I am from Germany (hence the username) and 36 years old. I have read the sticky post and would say, based on my symptoms (so far) - I should not trouble you with this thread. However, within this forum, there are also multiple threads that contradict the...
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    My symptoms.

    Hi, i'm a guy, 22 years old from colombia. A month ago I started with a multiple pain in my body, arms, fingers, and upper back and lower back. In the next days appear tingle in my hands and foots, lately appear twitchings in all my body, but more marked in my right hand. These last days I have...
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    Pillows or special equipment?

    Hello, I am posting on behalf of my Dad. He was diagnosed in June, rapid progression, and he is already in a nursing home living out his last days. As his muscles have weakened, he is unable to move his neck. Because of that, his head falls down and to the side (the side of his ventilator...
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    Final stages

    Hi everyone. My sister is in her last days. Hospice started last Friday. She is now off her bipap. Her pulse today is 47. Did anyone have signs on how much longer we have with her? It's so frustrating that I can't seem to do anything for her anymore. Any advice would be great! Thank you.
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    My One Year

    My one year anniversary was last month. I actually decided to take that week off from work and spend it alone in Cape Cod, which was always a special place for us. I went to the beach at sunset on the very last day of this year of grief and sorrow. As I rode my bike taking in all the...
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    My story-A family history of ALS victims.

    (Sorry for the long post, for all who don't want to read through my story, you can simply skip to paragraph "8" to review the symptoms and advise. 1) Hi, this is obviously my first post here. I am 27 years old male. I have a healthy semi muscular body, I was a good athlete in the past and took...
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    Is this ALS or hypochondria?

    Hi guys, and sorry for my bad English. So, I am 21 year old guy from Finland and I have had some very scary symptoms about two months. First all started in my left foot, which has some myokymia in my calf and sol. Then myokymias started to spread to my right foot and little to my both arms. My...
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    Another "Bulbar ALS?" Thread

    Dear all, Thanks to a wonderfully useful website to those who are affected by this horrendous disease. I do wonder if anyone who has been diagnosed with ALS has had the following course of events which I'm currently going through. My current situation is as follows: I am a 29 year old male who...
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    Loss of lateral movement of left pinky finger

    Hello everyone, I'm a 29 yo male and I would be very grateful if anyone can share their experience and knowledge since I'm having symptons that are worrying me the last days. I've read all the wonderful stickies, I don't want to waste anyone's time writing another classic BFS story. But from...
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    Honor society awards tonight... Graduation Tomorrow night

    Going to be a Challenging couple days coming up.. Tonight is the Honor society awards Mass for my daughter.. each student will be giving a rose to their Mother.. so once again a sad reminder that Liz is gone for all of us. Obviously I'll be standing in as The Mom. It's way to early for My G/F to...