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    Neurologist's confusing response after EMG

    My father just had an EMG by a neurologist who told him last week that he suspected ALS after observing tongue fasciculations in addition to his other symptoms. MRI clean. MG & Lambert Eaton, MS ruled out as well as Friedriech's Ataxia, which his brother had and died from. Quick back story. My...
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    "Probable" ALS diagnosis (husband)

    I posted a few months ago regarding my husband and concerns for ALS ~ We had out 2nd visit with the neurologist at Virginia Mason in Seattle- MRI of head and spine, EMG, results of bloodwork, another physical exam...
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    ALS with Paraneoplastic LEMS?

    My father was recently diagnosed with ALS at 71. His symptoms started one year ago with left drop foot followed by overall declining strength and weight loss (70lbs over the past 12 months). Originally we thought it was a pinched nerves in his spine, then a Statin myopathy. He was hospitalized 6...
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    Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome?

    After me second neuro visit (2nd DR/opinion) he ordered extensive blood work to check for literally any and all possibles other then ALS, barring anything new he concurred that I have ALS. The blood work was done at Mayo and my neuro at University of Iowa ALS Clinic called after my visit to say...