1. jethro

    Experience with L-serine

    simple, cheap, accessible non esential aminoacid (except in my country :-( ). can anybody share experience? how much do you take per day? what kind of benefit do you get? this is not a cure, this is retardant. it freezes dying of MN. thats how i got it. havent heard any side effect. what i am...
  2. Bookay87

    L-serine Use NOW

    Hi all. Is anyone taking ALS Complete which contains L-serine I see old posts from 2014 but nothing current also Anyone taking ionine
  3. A

    New to site

    Received mnd/als dx in dec/2015. Began in spring 2015 during tennis and bike ridingwith left foot drop and gait and balance problems and fatigue. After seeing multiple docs, went to neurologist, had EMG kand was told I had mnd. At that point was using cross country sticks to help with balance...
  4. P

    L-serine to replace BMAA

    Most of you already know this but here goes anyway: Any species of blue-green algae (BMAA B-Methylamino-L-Alanine neurotoxin) mimicks L-serine in the cell, causing cell proteins to misfold & aggregate preventing cell poliferation (multiple,divide,etc). Study in Arizona is giving different...
  5. J

    ALSUntangled L-Serine review completed

    ALSUntangled review of L-serine is now available for free download at http://tinyurl.com/zfpws3e
  6. A

    Hydroxytyrosol effectiveness? With Other Supplements?

    Hydroxytyrosol is a phenylethanoid, a type of phenolic phytochemical with antioxidant properties in vitro. In nature, hydroxytyrosol is found in olive leaf and olive oil, in the form of its elenolic acid ester oleuropein and, especially after degradation, in its plain form(***wiki)...
  7. H

    Supplement question

    I know this has been discussed many times before but finally my mother is on a regime and I want to know your valuable thoughts and get inputs. So here's the routine: 1. Riluzole before breakfast 2. L-serine (around 15mg) somewhere in afternoon before her physiotherapist comes. 3. Acetyl...
  8. S


    A family member sent me a TED talks video by an Harvard PHD named Paul Allen Cox. He promotes the use of a nutritional supplement called L-Serine for motor neuron disease. Anyone have an opinion on this product? Its pretty cheap so I ordered some.
  9. M

    L-serine dosage

    My son is trying to figure out how to take 30 grams of L-serine a day. Can you help us? thank you.
  10. B

    L-serine results checkup

    All the threads on l-serine get killed pretty fast but I was curious to know how l-serine is going for other people. My mom was diagnosed last June and had been declining for about a year before that. She has been taking the l-serine I had been buying for her and seems to be progressing more...