1. A

    ALS symptoms

    Recently I've noticed I've had constipation and twitching in my body, also notice head trauma and numbness in my foot, slurred speech, and partly confused. I notice stiffness, mild weakness in my body and mild pain where my right calf is. I've changed my diet overall by eating more healthy and...
  2. D

    My son only 19, So worried

    My late husband passed away in 2007 at age 52. His father also had "probably als" and passed away in his fifties, so we are assuming it was familial ALS, although his father's diagnoses wasn't definite. My son is a college student, age 19, and under a great deal of stress. He recently began...
  3. Bad Balance

    Anyone tried these "Home Remedies" ?

    A friend of mine sent me this. I have heard of using Coconut Oil previously, but not with so much information....none of it truely scientific, I should add. Has anyone had any similar results with these two substances: Coconut Oil and Ketones
  4. trfogey

    ALSUntangled report #15 -- Coconut Oil

    Here's the report from about coconut oil. Short version -- based on prior studies with similar agents (ketogenic and high-fat diets) in ALS animal model, coconut oil is worthy of further study. I've attached a PDF copy of the report to this post. And the usual trfogey disclaimer concerning...
  5. J

    diet needs for my dad

    Hi, I am new to this forum. My father is 52 years old and last Thursday was diagnosed with ALS. He has been experiencing symptoms for 18 months now, but they were treated by doctors as stress related. He is progressing very slowly which is a good sign for him and my family. I have been...
  6. S

    Ketogenic diet

    Hi All... I plan to start the ketogenic diet today. I was diagnosed 12/07 with leg onset and walk with a cane. I starting having fasc in my hands and lips this week. My voice sounds different (almost everyone I talk to comments on it). I am at least 50 lbs overweight and feel I can try...
  7. B

    Ketogenic Diet Slows progression?

    My Mother-in-Law has ALS and like everyone else we are searching for ways to slow the progression. Has anyone tried the Ketogenic diet or have any information on it?