1. trfogey


    One year ago today, you left us and moved on to your (and our) ultimate home. We've managed to grow without you, but it would have been easier had you been here. Christine and the rest of your family are in our prayers today as we remember the wisdom, friendship, and love you poured into...
  2. trfogey

    Happy Birthday, joelc

    Even though I know that you are free of the monster and in a far better place, I still think of you daily and miss your wise counsel. Hope this is the greatest birthday you've ever had. Many thoughts and prayers from my family to Christine and the rest of your family. Looking forward to...
  3. Kohler

    JoelC and my book

    Almost a year ago, when I was midway through writing my first novel, my sister began experiencing symptoms which lead me to this board. The first person to answer my very frightened initial post was JoelC; his picture immediately conveyed a sense of dignity and strength that reminded me of my...
  4. rcharlton

    Did you read the stickies first? Read the stickies! Read the stickies!

    Hello If you are concerned you might have ALS, please first read the below two stickies by Rose and Joelc. Most of the concerns raised by newcomers are addressed by these threads. If no one is responding to your thread or question, chances are it is because you would have found an answer to...
  5. rocmg

    Hello... from an old friend

    Hello all... I have to say I feel a bit like the prodigal son returning after such a long absence from the forum. I hope you will forgive me. I was saddened to learn of the death of joelc recently and felt the need to post again to tell you all that I still think of you often with the usual...
  6. Al


    I know that a lot of members don't look at the In Memorium Forum so I just wanted to let everyone know of Joel's passing on. AL.
  7. L

    joelc what happened?

    There was a thread running where he was explaining why he planned to disconnect his ventilator on January 31st. I have searched to find out what happened but not found anything. I was no presume he had a change of heart?
  8. ccjjcc

    Adaptive Devices Confusion

    Ok, so my brother is back in the nursing home from the hospital. I've been looking at all the adaptive type things we can use, but it's kinda confusing in total. He has a computer, and an onscreen keyboard. We're working on getting the text to speech part going, as well as a better mouse or...
  9. S

    Back again . . . with ANOTHER family member diagnosed -m

    you might not remember me . . . my mother had ALS and she died in April 2010. My sister and I were her carers. We live in Sydney Australia. It's a little sad coming back because so many names of people who were regular posters seem to be missing. I need to look through the "departed" forum...
  10. Andy2020

    Breathing problems with my Dad?

    I am hoping some of you experts can help me figure out what to do for my Dad. Here is his quick story. My Dad started going to the YMCA in 2007. He would work out 6-7 days a week for 1-2 hours. He was in great condition. In January 2009 Dad suddenly had his shoulders and neck curving...