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    Does anyone know what happened to Jamiet? Did he get a diagnosed? I see his last post said he had a neuro appt. and then no info after that...........
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    My Hiatius

    Well all, I've disappeared for a long time and probably should be posting this in "stories of hope". Al, i'm sure you'll move it once you read it. Well, for starters, i couldn't get my password reset...lol Al, something's not workin right here, but i won't take it personal or hold it against...


    Does anyone know what happened to Jamiet? I was following his story and have not seen any posts from him.
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    Happy Father's Day to all Daddies!

    Happy Father's Day to all our Pals and Cals. Being a parent is a great joy. I will forever cherish the memories of my parents. I will never, ever forget them. My late son has been laid to rest next to them, that's how much they meant to me. It was also my son's decision to be laid next to...
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    Few questions

    I went to an ALS specialist in August and he said no ALS- EMG completely normal. Textbook normal . . . Before that I went to 2 other neuros who said BFS- Urologist (have had urinary pain for several months off and on) said intercytial cystitis. GP said high blood pressure( numbness in hands...
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    Jamiet - ceftriaxone

    Jamie said: "I am going to get on ceftriaxone next week, its a strong IV treatment for lyme and it's also effective in ALS, so i will cover all basis." Please let us know how your treatment goes, whether it helps you or not. Wish you the best.