jacksonville fl

  1. K

    Jacksonville Florida; UF Shands or Mayo ALS Clinic

    I’m looking for pros and cons for the UF Shands and Mayo ALS Clinics in Jacksonville, FL. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  2. M

    Periphal Nerve Excitability?

    I just recently went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. I'm so confused. I saw a specialist for nerve disorders. My ncv and emg seemed to show something which he relayed to me was not "benign" He took 6 viles of blood from me to check for cancer and antibodies, etc. He didn't want to give me...
  3. Sammantha

    Update for friends

    I went to my appointment yesterday.... Still no help. Doctor wants me to see his superior (his boss.) I told him i was too tired to keep up with all of this, that if he could not give diagnosis there was no sense in seeing his superior. Doc then asked if i wanted to go to Mayo or Hopkins. I...