1. Nuts

    Steroid Injections for Pain

    We all know that pain is something PALS deal with throughout the course of this disease. The loss of muscle mass wrecks havoc with joints and body parts that need support, but pain medication brings a host of nasty side effects. Matt was having sever pain at the top of the cage put into his...
  2. D

    40% savings from Medicare on my vent???

    Shh, don't tell my DME because if this is a mistake I don't want them to fix it! Last year the breakdown on the cost of my vent was: DME billed Medicare $3800 Medicare allowed $1500 Medicare paid the DME 80% of the allowed amount, 1200 I owed $300 before filing with my supplemental insurance...
  3. Buckhorn

    Insurance requirements for BiPap?

    Hello all. My husband has a 4 month, ALS clinic appointment next week. He will have his respiratory function measured then. I am not sure how that will go, but I am assuming his values have decreased (sorry, I don't know his MIP/FVC as I was still too stunned at the first clinic to absorb...
  4. M

    second torpedo

    It is probably my fault. Like the rest of you know if you get behind it can be a struggle to catch up. We are struggling with bathing, and getting me up if I fall. It is a lot harder than it should be but we are still getting by. I can still make transfers and walk short distances, but when...
  5. R

    Possible ALS?

    Good afternoon. I have been waiting to post about my symptoms out of respect for everyone with this disease. My symptoms started about three months ago with spasms in my left leg and a weird feeling of weakness. I went to the neurologist to discuss my symptoms and he set me up with an MRI...
  6. G

    Please help with insurance/ medicare benefits information

    A dear friend of mind has recently been diagnosed with ALS. She will have surgery next Friday as she needs help with breathing and will be placed on a ventilator. She just received word that she was approved for SSDI and Medicare. Medicaid was denied. Her husband has insurance (BCBS) through his...