1. D

    My dad's progessive weakness - concerning?

    Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male from Detroit and my dad is 53 years old. This post is about my dad. Background info: my dad has plenty of other health problems that make weightlifting harder for him, including arthritis in his knees, a bone spur in his back which causes a lot of pain and some...
  2. S

    No diagnosis - Nervous after 6 months

    I’m concerned about my symptoms I’ve been facing them for just under 6 months. Let me start out by saying that my life is very stressful. I manage about 500 people all over the world. The ups and downs of corporate politics are very impactful and my stress level in the last 6 months has been...
  3. S

    Anxiety? ALS? Long read, sorry!

    First, let me preface this by saying I am 100% a hypochondriac. I constantly think something is wrong with me and even if someone says something jokingly to me (which is how this whole ALS suspicion started) I freak out about it. To be honest, I haven't seen my doctor about these issues yet as...
  4. lgelb

    Sativex (THC+CBD mouth spray) shows spasticity effect in ALS, PLS

    Info on the Phase II trial here. It is on the market already in the UK for MS spasticity. The manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals, is negotiating with the FDA toward a US approval, having recently obtained approval for a CBD oral solution for certain forms of epilepsy.
  5. S

    Looking for positivity.

    Hello all. I am here because i have been getting few answers or maybe I git the one i needed but my anxiety wont accept it. I have been having fasciculations which started in my calves, 2 weeks ago now i get them basically anywhere at anytime. I also have lost a couple lbs but that could be...
  6. E

    What a journey - worried about ALS - former Cancer Survivor

    Hello everyone - Let me start by saying you all have been excellent in guiding the users here. You approach each person with respect and understanding and bring great expertise from your own experiences. I have read the sticky notes and many other posts. My story - I am 47 years old male...
  7. J

    Insurance/Medicare Coverage for Shower-Commode Chair

    I’m a little over two years post diagnosis and was recently denied insurance coverage for a shower/commode chair. I am a federal employee and have been very happy with coverage thusfar (GEHA). As I prepare to appeal the denial, I’m wondering what others’ experiences have been with insurance...
  8. K

    Howdy, and Here's My Story

    Hello all, I've been combing the forums for a month or so, mostly because I'm not sure how to manoeuvre around here. I've been learning a LOT from forum, so many helpful people, and especially I've been feeling like I'm getting to know some of you, if not by actual name, then by user name...
  9. N


    hello every one my name is Najib and i have father who been diagnosed with ALS 6 month ago and i want to get more info if that possible. with ALS my dad has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and need an urgent Surgery to totally removal of the thyroid gland . but his doc said he cant do any...
  10. I


    Just read about this supplement on here. The thread is closed. Does anyone have any new info on this supplement? It doesn't look too expensive and doesn't seem to have adverse effects. If you are taking it, would you indicate the brand? I'm in Canada. Thanks!