1. ShiftKicker


    Hello- Usually I just do a key word search for my questions and find the answers I need. However, I've noticed, when I look for reference to specific drugs (Ritalin, Wellbutrin), I get an error 403 code when trying to access historical posts that come up in the search results. I can see the...
  2. M

    Questions about medical records

    Hi, I posted back in September: 72 year old woman with drop toot, numbness and weakness in both legs following blood lot and worse after spinal fusion. Problematic EMG. Neurologist said "could be anything from Neuropathy to ALS." I now have an evaluation scheduled at Vanderbilt with Dr...
  3. D

    Worried 31 year old man

    Hello, I’m a new member, I’ve been reading the board for the last few days and am posting really to seek some info from people who are knowledgeable about ALS. Apologies this is a little long but any input is appreciated. I’m a 31 year old man. I have had an eye twitch since the age of about...
  4. gooseberry

    Robert mcdonalds contact info

    Can anyone provide his contact info? Recently it was within a thread but I cant locate it. Thanks.
  5. V

    difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth

    Can someone tell me the difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth disease. I know Charcot Marie Tooth is genetic. I would appreciate any info.
  6. chally

    ipad vs iphone

    starting to realize i will one day need the use of a device to communicate with and so want to start now before i need it. any tips on this subject would be most helpful. is an ipad better cause of larger type keys? my hands don't work at all and i just use one finger to type. also any info on...
  7. J

    2 years of symptoms?

    Hi guys, I'm new here and was wondering if the symptoms I've gotten over the last 2 years could be something malicious. I'm asking from your guys experience does any of this sound familiar, it's a pretty long story.. First I'd like to say I've been suffering from Anxiety and also mild...
  8. Barbie

    Redman Wheelchair

    We have a Redman wheelchair that is a backup for my husband. He used it for about 5 years, and would like to get rid of it now. I think it is a 2009 model, with the standing feature and a Roho cushion. I replaced the batteries in 2012 or 13. I keep it charged and it runs pretty good and would...
  9. L

    seeking info & reassurance

    Dear all, I really appreciate that you take time to reply to anxious people on this thread. I have read the stickies, but am still unsure, and my parents and I would just like to be educated/reassured, if that’s okay. I have been referred to a neurologist, but have a long wait, so some...
  10. M

    PMA questions

    I was wondering if someone can help me with some questions here on PMA my first EMG suggests that spectrum of lower motor neuron only. I did have a second EMG that shows no changes in since prior 6 months ago. I am now at 16 months with no real diagnosis. I cant seem to find much info on...