1. M

    Reflux or what?

    The last week or so my PALS would have some coughing after finishing a gravity tube feeding. It seemed as if some formula was coming up by reflux and causing him to cough. It was brief and would resolve. I made sure he was at 45 degrees at least while receiving a feeding and for 45 minutes...
  2. N

    Robinul/Glycopyrrolate Thoughts

    Hi all, I am not a Dr. and I don’t play one on TV. I’m just a CALS who pays very close attention to what meds my PALS is on and how they affect him. I want to relate something I’ve learned so that you may be aware of a possible side effect of this medication. Brian has been on Robinul for...
  3. 1

    VA Compensation for ALS

    Before I ask my question I will give a little background info on my situation. I was injured in the military and have two discs pushing on nerves which causes extreme pain down to left foot. The VA wants to do disc replacement surgery but I have been holding off as long as possible. I was...
  4. S

    Facial weakness and continuing bulbar symptoms post EMG

    Hello, I'm a 43 year old male that started twitching in 1999. I saw a couple of Neuros back then and had an EMG that was clean. Diagnosis was simply benign fasiculations. Fast forward to late 2013, my voice started to have this weird vibration/rattle at the end of a sentence that occurred...
  5. I

    Abnormal EMG showing chronic

    Hello all, I want to share back story. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, I was hit by a drunk driver going 57mph while I was parked. I was wearing my seat belt and sustained damage to my shoulder. With the damage came a tingling sensation all the way down my arm to my fingertips. The...
  6. ShiftKicker

    Red shiny painful toes

    I've seen mention of similar issues before but can't find something exactly like- I have suddenly developed shiny bright red toes on my left foot. Hot to the touch. It is not the joints, but under the skin on top and running forward to the tips of my toes. Not super swollen, but enough to make...
  7. L


    Anything that can increase muscle mass in someone diagnosed with ALS that has already lost about 40 pounds of muscle?
  8. L

    lung capacity

    Lungs are going down fast. Is here anything that can be done to strengthen the diaphragm or increase lung capacity or slow the loss of capacity/function? I was told not to exercise on a powerlung as that would cause muscles to weaken further.
  9. S

    Possible ALS or just health anxiety?

    Hello everyone, I'm Sara and I'm 23 years old. I've been having a huge amount of anxiety lately about possibly having ALS. What I'm trying to figure out if this is simply anxiety, or something much more troubling... The first thing I noticed was a slight shaking in either of my thumbs...
  10. Y

    Medical Update +Confirmed atrophy, knee pain, hip grinding, and leg weakness...

    Hello everyone, I went for a checkup about 5 weeks ago. I had knee problems at the time, with buckling in either knee. Though AT THE TIME I did not have any issues with strength, There has been an increase in buckling in both knees (sporadic). My left thigh has atrophy and when I walk I feel...