1. S

    Clarity to Symptoms-EMG Follow Up Needed?

    Hello All! Quick question as a follow up...I had 3 EMG/NVC studies performed from DEC 2010 through May 2011. Results showed nothing substaional, besides an ulnar neuropathy in my left arm. My neuro feels BFS is the diagnosis from what I report as symptoms. My concern is that lately I am having...
  2. M


    After reading these forums i just don't understand about progression. Some people say they have slow progression but in 6 months they cant walk some cant talk. If this is the case then Im very lucky to have super slow progression for now I guess Or it hasnt hit me yet? i have had an increase in...
  3. olly

    your umn damage explained.

    part1 Upper Motor Neuron Damage (UMN) Historically, this has been associated with the corticospinal (pyramidal) tract. However, this is not quite accurate since voluntary motor pathways arising in the cerebral cortex can function by activating more primitive descending tracts from the brain...
  4. Danijela

    What do you do just for YOU?

    Hello all caregivers. As my parnter's illness progresses and his needs increase I am finding that I am doing less and less (if anything at all) that is just for me. Some of this is due to practical arrangements (or the lack of support at times) and the rest is plain and simple guilt and not...