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    Strange symptoms in the last few months

    Hi guys, obviously I'm new here. I'll cut to the chase. I have been experiencing pretty strange neurological symptoms the last couple months and I was curious if anyone here could give me any guidance. I have pretty serious anxiety so be aware that I may be over reacting and exaggerating my...
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    Finger Sweating

    I have a problem with sweating between my fingers. they are hard to separate with out the help of the other hand. any ideas how to keep dry ?
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    Cough relief -- Any suggestions.

    So back in early June, I developed some sort of dry cough. It would come on suddenly with a tickly feeling in my throat. The end result would be minutes upon minutes of coughing. Followed by a relief for an hour or so. The same cough wakes me up at night. Mid-June I got a pneumonia. At the...
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    Getting in and out of bed and rolling ankle

    Hello Getting into bed is becoming an issue. Does anyone have a height adjustable bed or any ideas how to make it easier? If my bed is to high i cant get in and if its too low i cant get out. My ankle has started to roll out each time i step on it so standing up is becoming hard. Anyone else...