ice bucket challenge

  1. L

    10 year since the ice bucket challenge this year

    Hi Guys, It is 10 years since the ice bucket challenge in 2024 summer is there any plans companies / influencers who are planning to try and re create the challenge this summer? I do marketing for my work so would love to get involved in trying to push this if anyone can point me in the right...
  2. A

    My mother’s diagnosis

    Hello to all, As I’m sure everyone here can understand, I never thought I would need to post on this forum. My only knowledge of ALS was through the ice bucket challenge! My 70 year old mother was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of August this year. I first noticed something wasn’t quite...
  3. Nikki J

    SALSa for a cure

    Seems to be the new ice bucket challenge. It apparently originated from Mastercard in honor of one of their employees. They challenged MGH where the employee gets care and they challenged a number of organizations Try running the letters together and adding dot org to see
  4. B

    Give a LIFT for ALS Idea

    Hello all, Something I wanted to share that was developed by a charity in Canada: 'Give a LIFT for ALS' was recently selected as the winner of a global creative competition trying to come up with original ideas that could build on the extraordinary success of the Ice Bucket Challenge...
  5. Ed340hp

    ALS Therapy Development Institute Particiption

    Is anyone else registered and participating in the ALS Therapy Development Institute Precision Medicine Program? I ask because there are open participant spots (280 filled, 20 open). I don't know if participants will be able to benefit from the neuron cell lines grown from the selected...
  6. K


    April 21st will be two years since i lost my mother to this disease. Mom i still think about you all the time and still the pain hasn't gone away... All the time i lay here wishing you were still here. I used to fantasize about how our lives would have been different if you never developed...
  7. C

    13 and SCARED to death.

    Ive been scared of this disease forever. The ice bucket challenge only made it worse. Recently, on occasion I've been feeling very little grip strength and just overall strength in my hand would go away. Then 1 hour later, its fine. When its on my mind it seems to happen more. Ive also...
  8. K

    Some thoughts

    Dear all, My name is Kay and I'm based in London. I am not an ALS sufferer but I found out about this disease by Anthony Carbajal's campaign to raise awareness about it. Most watch and even participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge but didn't take the time to actually understand the gravity of...
  9. F

    Extreme fear for ALS

    Hi there, I'm 29 year old male, I have been diagnosed with health anxiety but i do have neurological symptoms that concerns me. 1. Twitching all over my body for more than 2 years. Saw a neurologist two years ago and he said not to worry about it. Didn't know about ALS back then until the...
  10. M

    Stem cell America once again

    Hello, sorry if this topic has already been brought up far too many times. But I just thought I would share my fathers experience with stem cell America from a a couple months ago. I wanted to wait a little while before sharing just in case there were any changes in the results. So I believe...