1. C

    ALS Equipment for Donation- Richardson,Tx

    Per mobile M300 Wheelchair Invocare Hoyer Lift Enable Eye-gaze machine, FRS custom solutions hospital bed frame w/ inflatable mattress invocare miro air 85 mattress & control medline stationary suction model hcs 7000 Devilbiss homecare suction unit humidifier 150 ambient hugo transport chair...
  2. M

    Hoyer Electric Lift For Sale

    Lightly Used, three slings included. Make an offer!
  3. tripete

    Rough Clinic

    Today was another clinic visit in Hershey, PA. It was a rough day. My breathing numbers were so far in the tank that they have set up for HOSPICE to visit me Friday. My strength well they recommended that I move to the power wheelchair full time (I did have two falls this month) and that I get a...
  4. P

    Hoyer Use on Carpet

    I am trying to use the Hoyer lift to lift Frank from wheelchair to bed but am finding it almost impossible to move the lift on the carpet even though we have very low pile, commercial carpet in the bedroom. I was thinking of buying several of those plastic pads that you typically put under...
  5. J

    Hoyer Transfer to Toilet

    I'm having trouble getting my husband on the toilet correctly with the hoyer lift and U sling. I can get him up out of bed and roll him over the toilet (equipped with a bidet seat), but when I go to lower him, he ends up too far forward. I have tried grabbing the hand-holds in the back and...
  6. D

    Toilet lift question

    Standing from a sitting position is getting really difficult for my husband. We just ordered raised toilet seats as well as the toilet pedestals. Will this be enough or should we look at getting an electric lifting seat? Are those even helpful? We have a very small bathroom that we plan to...
  7. N

    Day at the Hospital - for me

    Well yesterday was interesting. I got up and could barely move. At first it was just a slight annoyance, then the pain grew worse. Thought for sure it was a kidney stone, as I've had those before. Had to call our son home from work and my MIL over, just called her for help but then realized...
  8. S

    Physical and Mental Exhaustion

    I know PALS are not supposed to fall... But last night my PALS was in the floor 3 times. I hate this d*** disease. He absolutely won't use any assistive devices until absolutely necessary. This morning, I told him... You have to make some changes. My back is really hurting. I must learn to...
  9. J

    Patient lift for a small apartment

    Can anyone recommend a Hoyer-type lift, able to be operated by a single person and to lift someone from the floor if necessary, that is made for small spaces? We have a very small apartment in NYC... I have found some options online, but thought others might have firsthand experience. I...
  10. J

    Cracking noise on Hoyer Lift

    I have a Hoyer Advance Lift 340 for use in lifting my wife. She is less than half the weight limit for the lift but when I lift her cracking noise once the lift is 75% raised. Then when lowering the noise starts again from full to 75%. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it? We...
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