1. M

    How do I teach myself to poop with a hoyer above a pad?

    How do I teach myself topoop with a hoyer abve a pad? fhe commode and toilet are excruciatingly uncomfortalbe to sit on for more than half a minute due to shape and 5 compressiomfractures of the spine.
  2. poet1973

    Hoyer lift

    The ALS association sent me electric hoyer lift but its huge and is giving us trouble maneuvering through our small house. Especially our small hallway. Any advice. Thank you
  3. J

    Lift Chair Question

    For those of you with Golden lift recliners, can I get my PALS into it with a hoyer? I have been exclusively using a hoyer to transfer him for a while now. I'm pretty sure he could not stand on his own even with support, even just for a pivot transfer. (I'd be scared to death to even try.)...
  4. D

    ER for bowel movement?

    I can no longer stand and got a hospital bed a week ago. Don’t have the hoyer lift yet. It has been several days since I have had a bowel movement. Have asked for palliative care and should be approved. In power wheelchair 24/7. Suggestions please.
  5. Jamesgol

    Wheelchair & van advice?

    I have now reached the stage where a wheel chair and van combination are needed. My neurologist just wrote the prescription for a wheel chair yesterday. The ALS Society is going to loan me a Permobil F3 until I can get one of my own. Which type of wheel chair (and options) do you prefer? What...
  6. P

    neck pain

    My husband, Frank, has had increasing neck flexion (chin resting on chest) and tilt to the right. His head is now so far forward that the wheelchair headrest supplies no support. He has a neck brace but even this no longer helps. I am applying heat and he is taking extra strength Tylenol with...
  7. T

    Getting Help, Caregivers

    We have a mix of ways that we have help. I thought I'd share them. I'd also be interested in hearing your ideas. For reference, my Dad is mostly immobile now, (diagnosed the end of 2018.) All transfers are with a Hoyer lift. He does get transferred to a commode or his PWC, (mostly if we're...
  8. A

    warning about power hoyer lift

    my hoyer lift stopped with me in the highest point. We had not bothered to find the Manuel override. It was not obvious and took research to figure out as the company is out of business and no online manual could be found . it was torture to get me down, but would have been unnecessary if we...
  9. K

    Need Advice: Where to Buy Mesh Hoyer Slings

    Hi all, New here, and hoping someone can chime in with some advice. My mother is 87, with delicate skin. The ALS closet loaned us a mesh U sling, but we need one with head support and padded legs (as recommended by our OT). I've scoured the forum and can't find any specifics on suppliers...
  10. T


    Hi all, This is my first time posting. My husband is at a point where he almost can't walk. I'm not really prepared for this. I've thought about what I should be doing, but haven't gotten it done yet. I was wondering if anyone has any comments about a hoyer lift that you have been using. I...