hospital beds

  1. F

    Hospital Beds ICU type

    Looking at a hill-rom Sport2 p1900 hospital bed which goes to a minimum height of 27 inches with an air flotation mattress and will go to a chair sitting position. I i’m a little concerned about the bed height. I currently manually transfer my wife to a wheelchair and commode from an adjustable...
  2. wmilo

    Recommendations/suggestions for a hospital bed?

    As the stairs become more difficult, I'm thinking about moving to a first floor bedroom. Any setup would require some expense (at least a new mattress, or an adjustable bed). During a couple of recent hospital stays I was impressed how comfortable the hospital beds were, and thought it made...
  3. S

    Bed options

    My PALS had his clinic appointment yesterday. His PFT's have declined more. His neurologist wants him to sleep with some incline so he will have less chance of aspirating. I need suggestions on what works best. Bed wedges, adjustable beds, pillows? What are the pros and cons to adjustable...
  4. Buckhorn

    I thought this was pretty nice.....

    I have been researching hospital beds and spent long hours searching for ones that are not so "institutional" looking. Just sharing this in case others have the same interest; I have not purchased yet, nor have I decided what would be best for us. Home - TenderCare Beds
  5. N

    Easy way to get up from hospital bed

    ALS patients are gradually losing muscle strengths on entire body and it is getting harder in life. I used to have difficulties to get up from my hospital bed because of especially stomach muscle weakness. In general all hospital beds do not raise upper part of the bed more than 75 degrees in...
  6. C

    Hill-Rom Resident Long Term Care "Hospital" Bed

    Fully electrically adjustable home care bed (what is commonly called a hospital bed). There are two mattresses on it, one of them NP100 Prevention Surface. Not sure what the other one is. Pictures are available on request (couldn't figure how to add them to the post). The ibed can be picked up...
  7. affected

    bed positioning

    I still can't get my PALS into the hospital bed he insisted on having in place of the first hospital bed we got. He does have a lot of shoulder pain, but my concern is his bottom is just sagging bits of flesh and is going to start breaking down so I have to get him off it. So I'm looking for...
  8. B

    Hospital bed

    We're looking at hospital beds. I'm short and the I will have a small room so don't need a big bed. Any suggestions? What is the best mattress?
  9. A

    Any success with comfortable bed?

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and hope that someone will have some advice. My PALS is having a lot of difficulty getting comfortable in bed. We have tried two different hospital beds but neither have worked out so well. He has virtually no ability to move on his own except some movement in his...
  10. st123

    Question about Hospital Beds

    The VA is delivering a hospital bed tomorrow for my Dad. We think it will be easier for him since he has such a hard time breathing while laying down. I haven't seen it yet, but I wonder about the overall comfort. While the adjustable part of it will be good, any suggestions as to what we can...