1. S

    Liquid Hope moves too slowly in tube

    What can I do? I’ve switched to LH because other formulas gave me diarrhea. Now, first time with it and it is running so slow that i’m afraid i’ll spend hours per bag. What can I do?
  2. J

    Neurologic condition still unclear

    Hi all, I sincerely hope I don't insult you by posting here. I have a pretty horrible neurological illness and facing difficulty getting clear diagnosis. I'm not convinced it's als but have thought of PMA. I have numerous rheumatic autoimmune conditions including sjogrens which has caused severe...
  3. J

    Dad suffering from MND/ALS. Recently got bacterial pneumonia

    Hello, I have came with a lot of hope please give me the exact guide to help my father. My Dad's been suffering from this disease from 06/2016 . From day before two days he is being admitted in ICU as he was having trouble in breathing and also was having problem in swallowing food. He had lost...
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