1. Syekick


    One good thing about ALS, with my diaphragm no longer working, I'll never have hiccups again! Yea! :D
  2. T

    Still having problems R.E Breathing/Throat

    I do have Asthma and I am overweight but I am having more problems. -I get a ache in my chest a lot right in the centre (I have had Chest X-Rays and ECG's done) -I gasp/sigh a lot everyday -I now seem to have hiccups quite often daily but it only last 2-3 seconds. -Also I get quite a lot of...
  3. Puppy Chow

    I'm lost- can you help me

    I am new to this site but am looking for assistance. Here is my story. My husband has been having medical issues for the past 5 years- the doctors started by telling him he just had plantar fascitis but they did 4 surgeries on his legs to fix it as they had to repair tendons, block nerves...
  4. S

    Hiccups - need advice

    My husband is having an episode of hiccuping that has lasted most of the day. He has FTD with MND/ALS. Has anyone experienced this ? Should we seek medical advice or wait it out? :?:
  5. K

    Question: FLAIR Signal on MRI

    I'm in the process of getting all of my records together for an umcoming referral to the Mayo clinic. On my last Nerologist visit, he indicated that he was basically stumped and only time will tell. He really thought I should go to the Mayo for 2nd opinion. He briefly discussed my MRI, but...
  6. P

    Yay My Fil Ate..

    Oh Im so happy. After almost 3 weeks of not eating and barely Drinking enough water to take his meds my FIL woke up yesterday morning and asked for a sandwich from Jimmy Johns. We were all running to our cars to get it for him too. He said it was so Good but it gave him the hiccups really bad...
  7. R

    Hiccup Question

    Still waiting to get a referal to an ALS clinic but have another question. I have noticed a major increase in the severity of hiccups. In other words when I drink a fizzy beverage the normal hiccup has turned into a very loud and dramatic event. My diaphragm make a serious attempt to split my...