1. C

    Seek out a medical professional if you're scared

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a recent journey about my ALS scare and how the best thing to do is seek out a medical professional right away if your concerned. I feel like my story will resonate with others here lurking on this forum. Unfortunately, a 40-something neighbor of mine was...
  2. A


    Just wanted to post some good news. Foot is healing and I should be out of boot in two weeks! Can't wait till back in sneakers. It has been very difficult, but used a knee scooter with basket to get around house. Taking husband to dentist and arranging coverage so I could go to ortho had...
  3. R

    Neurologist Scheduled May 18th

    For all of the people who have told me to get off this site or Why am I here? I apologize to you and ask you to disregard this post unless you have kind insight. This is for Nikki, Laurie, and Mike...and a few others who have helped me along the way. I have scheduled an appointment for May 18th...
  4. S

    Introducing myself

    Greetings. Since I’ve benefitted from reading through these forums for some time now I thought I should introduce myself and try to make some contributions of my own over time. I’m a retired academic librarian and 69 year old husband (our 47th wedding anniversary is next week) and was diagnosed...
  5. J

    Multiple Health Concerns

    Firstly, I would like to take the time to appreciate anyone who may answer my concerns. I am a 24 year old female. While I know for my age, ALS is very rare, I still have troubling symptoms which I fear may manifest in that way. For the last 4 months I have been having all over body twitching...
  6. A


    Does anyone else get hiccups multiple times a day?
  7. 4tloml

    Any diagnosed have this much uncertainty at first?

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced symptoms developing along these lines, because my husband seems an enigma to the 3 neurologists who are passing him around. A year and a half ago, my husband's speech became notably slurred. I had noticed a tremor in his hand and occasional slurring a...
  8. V

    sleep hiccups anyone?

    well Doris recorded me in my sleep in preparation of a respiritory tests on thurs..i do weird hiccup things, more or less non stop..(anyone else had this?) and occasionly sleep apena,,:(
  9. L


    Hi, This is my first post - have been lurking for some time reading all the great advice. Thank you all for holding this party and allowing others of us to join. My husband's ALS is fairly well progressed - he started with left arm weakness and slurred speech, and at this point has lost the...
  10. V

    hiccups when sleeping

    Can i ask the folks out there if anyone else has this ...?. Doris tells me i do funny things at night(lol)..i hiccup a lot in my sleep..she describes it as a cross between retching and hiccuping so violently that it shakes the bed and wakes her..i'm also finding i have large myoclonic jerks as...