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    Frontolobe dimentia.

    heredity question Hello everyone. My first post. I'm Deb from Australia. scared to say much right now. I'm actually waiting for a diagnosis and "incidentally discovered my grandmother died of pneumonia secondary to ALS in 1970. I read in Google scholar that not all people with the faulty gene...
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    I started having tightness in both arms of lower and maybe upper elbow -more intense in r arm -tightness never went away and then about week or so later my hands and lower arms started getting weak -it seems the weakness in arms is related to using my hands -all connected it seams- my arms have...
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    Any input is appreciated

    Hello all, I am posting here after much time spent reading the forum and seeing all the thoughtful replies from ALS sufferers. I am mindful that I may be overreacting but I would love some feedback from you all. On Christmas night 2012, I woke from a deep sleep feeling like I was falling...
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    Still wondering

    Well I have a feeling this is going to be a little long...sorry.....anyway I had a brother that was adopted out so I never really knew him....decided to try and find him later in life and did and found out he died from ALS....well being the worry wart I am that kinda freaked me out.....6 months...
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    Question about ALS

    Hi, I am new here. My mom is in the process of diagnostics. But I am sure she has ALS. She had MRI of head and neck and many diseases were ruled out. She will have EMG in two weeks. She has obvious symtoms and I am devastated. I won't tell how much I feel for my mom, but my question is about...
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    If ALS is familial, does that mean the type your family member had will stay the same? For example, if mother had bulbar onset, will daughter's also be bulbar onset? Or could it manifest itself in another way?
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    Question re. Neuro-degenerative diseases and family history

    Hi all, I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy the holiday season. I've returned not to question any test results nor to try to be reassured in a situation that clearly does not require it. I am just looking for whether or not anyone happens to have any insight into the heredity aspect...
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    In the process of being diagnosed...25 year old male

    Hey guys, So this is my story. I am a 25 year old male. Have had my fair share of diseases in life, (IBD diagnosed as a teenager and some rheumatic issues related to that) but up until now nothing that is neuromuscular in its character. This spring (´11) I felt more tired than I had done ever...
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    Constant Fear

    I am looking for a general question about ALS and I knew this was the place to come. I have been a visitor to this site for a few years off and on...and have always talked myself out of posting to the forum for fear of being bashed for asking about symptoms..even though I have probably...
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    A daughter with questions.

    Hi there, I'm a sixteen-year-old girl from New Zealand, and my mother was sort of half-heartedly diagnosed with PMA sometime in the past two years. She has been suffering symptoms for roughly 3+ years, namely the foot drop, weakness, cramping, etc. She knows in far more detail when things...