1. R

    Conflicting DX

    I started having slurred speech, muscle twitching and trouble swallowing symptoms in June. Originally about six months earlier I had a severe case of “Bells Palsy” which also caused some slurred speech so in June I just thought my slurred speech was a by-product of that. My local neurologist...
  2. 4mymom

    heating pad? ...what I do.

    Hi all, A while back I was looking for a heating pad for Mom to use around her neck or to put on her feet/ankles when she got cold. I'm not going to lie, I'm fairly particular when it comes to purchasing almost anything...so of course I didn't see anything I thought would be sufficient. I...
  3. J


    anybody heard of herbs that help with als like something that takes bad toxins out of are bodies
  4. S

    Ghangcheng Myelophathy Hospital

    did anyone hear about this hospital in China? They say their herbal medicine is 86% effective treating ALS. quote: Medicine Name: Motor Neurons Refunction Capsule Composition: Extracts from 18 herbs which partly include Morindae Radix, Astragalus Root, Gingseng, Cinnamomi Ramulus...
  5. Q

    I was reading about ALS...

    Hello, I am a young man approaching my 25th year on this earth, who just may have MND... Hoping To God I Don't, but if I do I'm gonna fight the good fight... And I just wanted to say that I've noticed a great many people who have lived with this disease for over 10 years! There is...
  6. H

    All well meaning suggestions/acupuncture

    Was wondering how to handle all the people that have been suggesting so very much to George to get well! ALL WELLING MEANING OF COURSE. The other day, a Chinese doctor called us who is friends with someone my husband comes in contact with, suggesting acupuncture, herbs, and holistic cures...
  7. G

    Fasciculations and the Holistic doctor answers

    After waiting 6 weeks to see a Holistic practitioner, I finally met with one who offered me some hope today. I have been dealing with the facial and leg fasciculations for @ 4 months- taken everything from Neurontin/ Valium/ Wellbutrin/ Xanax and Flexeril. Nothng has worked at calming the...
  8. M

    What TCM treats

    Western Diseases Treated by Oriental Medicine in Present-day China Note: In the source texts these diseases are differentiated according to TCM. For example, the single western disease asthma could be due to Lung Qi Deficiency, or Kidneys Not Grasping Qi, or Wind-Heat Invasion of the Lungs...
  9. I

    Bu Nao Gao

    A friend of mine forwarded me some information about a Chinese neurologist who concocted a mixture of herbs called Bu Nao Gao which he uses to treat patients with ALS in China. The mixture costs $350 per month here, which makes me think it's a scam. Has anyone heard of it?
  10. P

    chelation therapy? only a scam? need some advice

    Hello, This is my problem - it's my husband who has als (diagnosed in June '06). His way of handling is not to read or do any research; he's left it up to me. From the beginning, some well meaning friends have mentioned to him about going to a "holistic" doctor. This doctor has come up with the...