1. T

    24/7 twitching in both calves

    Hello, I am a 23 year old male and Ive been having 24/7 muscle twitches on both of my legs ( right leg a bit more than my left). I think it all started 3+ months ago, maybe even longer back but thats when I first noticed them. I feel like since I noticed them and constantly thinking about them...
  2. P

    Ear Knocking & Eyes Twitching, PLEASE HELP!

    Greetings, Excuse my English. Does anybody with MND have a Problem with Objective Ear Knocking on both Sides 24/7 and both Eyes Twitching in Same Frequenz? Even my JAW Tremor is same Frequenz. I Really dont know what to do, beacause Nobody Never had Symptoms like this. I Cant sleep beacause i...
  3. R

    Sharing the road

    My Pals started a downward spiral 30 days ago. Could no longer talk, appetite diminished, slept 14-15 hours at night and often a long nap in the afternoon. I asked twice if she wanted our granddaughters to come decorate for Christmas and never got a response. I had them cone out anyway and she...
  4. C

    BiPAP or CPAP??

    My Dad goes to his sleep clinic appt tomorrow and I wanted to get some insight and advice from other PALS before. He did an over night sleep test last week and found out that he has sleep apnea. Tomorrow he goes to pick up a machine from Mainland Sleep. The sleep technician said he should...
  5. J

    Questions after my EMG

    Hello All! I have been having some concerning symptoms for about 6 weeks, which doesn’t seem too long but in that short time I have seen my PCP and Neurologist. I had a EMG done 5 weeks after onset of Fasciculations, the EMG picked up nothing. I didn’t feel an Fasciculations at the time of...
  6. T

    Texas/condom catheter - help!

    Hi all, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. We have the tubing and bag pretty much below his bladder except when it comes out of the catheter and goes down his leg when sitting. It goes sraitet when he is lying down. When he goes it doesn’t empty into the bag.m all the way. Some urine sits...
  7. G

    Ventilators and Essential Oils?

    My nose is pretty much always stuffy. Whether from allergies or winter, I don't know. I thought of essential oils and got a bottle containing a mix of 5 oils supposedly good for clearing sinuses. But as I'm on a Trilogy 24/7, NIV, how best to use them? I had my wife stuff a bit of paper...
  8. Doglady

    PWC, doors and hallways

    For the past month I've been using a power wheel chair loaned to me by the local ALS Association that is exactly the same as the one that is being ordered for me. My wheel chair is a little less than 25 inches wide and if i go slowly it does fit through all of my 28-30 inch doorways and...
  9. T

    Help! Strength: Conserve or Use It or Lose It?

    My Dad was diagnosed in Dec. 2017, with limb onset, starting with his hands / arms. Yesterday evening, he was unable to stand from his lift chair for the first time. My husband and I drove over and were able to get him out of it with the lift, (after a youtube troubleshooting video. It was...
  10. M

    Please help! ALS anxiety

    Hello there and thank you for your attention. Im sorry if i am being offensive to all als fighters out there. I am an 18 year old female. I have crohns disease and anxiety disorder. The past 4 days ive been having really fast fasciculations on the upper end of my lower left arm (not hand) and...
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