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    trach questions

    I would like to hear from any pALS or cALS who are living with a trach. I understand the medical and technical side of it, but I am interested in hearing the nitty-gritty ramifications of living with all of that at home. The real stuff. How do you staff, are there lay person family members...
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    Possible als

    Hello I have been experiencing body wide twitching noticable since December. It seems to be getting worse since then. l am also experiencing weakness in my arms and legs worse after any activity even if it just something simple as getting dressed. I am somewhat worried. I have been...
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    Ear “throbbing”

    Left ear seems to be quite often “throbbing” a little. I have worn hearing aids for several years and have occasionally had this feeling, but not this often and for this long. Could this be ALS related? This kept me up for some time during the night. Could not get back to sleep for awhile.
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    Fasciculations ans hyperreflexia.

    Hello everyone. First if aller sorry for my english, it's not my first langage... I'm a 37 y.o. girl. I have a MS suspicion because i have hearing loss at one frequency in my right ear (-50db in high frequency). My mother, brother ans uncle have MS. But i have a LOT of fasciculations...
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    Please help set my mind at ease.

    Last December I noticed that my lower arms, wrists and fingers felt a bit weaker. I seem a lot more clumsy with my hands, knocking things over often and dropping things a lot. I went to the doctors and she did a standard neuro test that was normal. Pushing on her hands, squeezing her fingers...
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    Just about ready to give up;

    Hey everyone. I've never posted on a forum before such as this one, although I've long been someone that often browses to see what others are going through and that people have to say. But I'm genuinely at my wits end and don't know how to cope any longer, so perhaps just discussing my issue a...
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    Stressed and worried over symptoms

    Hello All, Over the past month I have had some crazy stuff happen to me that really has me stressed out and terrified. Let me start by saying that I have always been an anxious, worrying person but it hasn’t really had any impact on my physical health (at least until this last month). I am just...
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    MRI and symptoms have me worried

    Hello! Thank you In advance for any and all replies. Leading up to this point.... Three months ago I had a baby. Two weeks after coming home I developed what my GP has concluded is unilateral pulsatile tinnitus ( I constantly hear my heartbeat in my right ear only). At this time I also started...
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    Getting Help, Caregivers

    We have a mix of ways that we have help. I thought I'd share them. I'd also be interested in hearing your ideas. For reference, my Dad is mostly immobile now, (diagnosed the end of 2018.) All transfers are with a Hoyer lift. He does get transferred to a commode or his PWC, (mostly if we're...
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    Questions after my EMG

    Hello All! I have been having some concerning symptoms for about 6 weeks, which doesn’t seem too long but in that short time I have seen my PCP and Neurologist. I had a EMG done 5 weeks after onset of Fasciculations, the EMG picked up nothing. I didn’t feel an Fasciculations at the time of...