happy anniversary

  1. IluvNY

    Happy 2nd Anniversary In Heaven - Ben

    Two years ago today, and the sadness, the pain, the emptiness, the loneliness, the struggle to adjust to my life without you and face each day with a smile and faking that all is okay is enormous. I never realized how alone one can feel in such a big world but I do. I get lost in my thoughts...
  2. skipper66

    Happy Anniversary!

    Wishing Happy 25th Anniversary to Vickim (Vicki) and her husband. Wishing them many more happy years together. Kim (Skipper)
  3. M

    I am mad today

    I am mad my dad is not here to celecbrate his wedding anniversary with my mom. I am mad I can't call and wish you "happy anniversary". I am mad that I am not going to hear about where you went to eat. I am mad I won't hear about what you ate. I am mad. I'm so mad I can't stop crying. I guess I...
  4. arkallen

    ?Happy New Year!

    Happiness would surely be the most common hope I express for everyone I know. I say it all the time. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Travelling, Happy Christmas, have a Happy-rest-of-the-day, and on it goes. And yet… and yet… happiness is not something in which I place much confidence...
  5. Jason's Dream

    Sending A Happy Anniversary Wish To Heaven This Year

    Hard to believe, just 7 short years ago, my sweetheart, best friend, and love of my life and I vowed a life time of love. Who would have thought, 7 short years later, I'd be spending this anniversary alone. Its been 6 weeks (today) since we kissed goodbye, and it still doesn't seem real that...
  6. abbas child

    Barry and Beth...

    Happy Anniversary! WoooHOOO! And Barry, I failed to learn in trying to follow your instructions for posting the BIG photo; teacher is great. Student NOT.