hands free

  1. kitkat

    Hands Free Cellphone?

    Steve's OT said we should get him a new cellphone that would work hands free, and that he could wear in a lanyard of sorts around his neck. This would be better for him than a Life Alert, plus he wants to be able to make phone calls. He had an old flip phone and he just couldn't manage it...
  2. Nikki J

    How to carry phone?

    Hi all I understand the need to keep my cell with me all the time in case I fall and can't get up. I have been looking for a clip on holster but so far unsuccessful ( i have an iphone 4s and it is in a protective cover which seems to be the problem but now is not the time to remove the...
  3. O

    Hands free device

    What are others using as a hands free device. I am quickly losing use of my hands and want to know how others are managing phone communication? Which devices? Experiences?
  4. K

    Dynavox Vmax series 5 windows 7 augmentative communication speech tablet

    I am selling my mom's Dynavox that she never learned how to use, so it's practically new. Asking for $400.00. Here is the info from the ebay listing: Dynavox VMax + Series 5 Software Latest Updates Windows 7 Powerful and flexible enough for all ages and abilities, the Vmax+ is a complete...
  5. ysabel

    do i need a second opinion?

    I know what the doc said is most likely right.. She watched me walk and did knee reflex. My legs swung way out. She had students following her so im not sure if she wanted to get a quick diagnosis to show off they do have big egos... She didnt run mri or anything. Since my diagnoses ive gotten...
  6. W

    Benefits of an Electronic Bidet at Home

    With increasing health consciousness in today's educated and informed world, we all know that better personal hygiene enhances an individual's physical and emotional well being. Wiping with toilet paper after using the restroom is not enough to make your private areas infection free. People have...
  7. B

    Handy telephone device that works

    As seen on TV. "Hold your phone absolutely hands free." It looks so cool on TV but one wonders if it will really work. As many of you suffered the same as I, holding the telephone has become a difficult task. My daughter, who is always looking for something to make my life easier, came across...
  8. S

    DynaVox VMax+ with EyeMax, Rolling Stand & Infrared Phone

    DynaVox VMax+ with EyeMax, Rolling Stand & Infrared Phone Perfect condition less than 20 hour use $3,000 obo DynaVox VMax w/ EyeMax hands free eye tracking Intel Celeron 800MHz processor 1 GB ram Wi-fi N USB Adapter 80 GB hard drive Interaact series five software Windows XP with service pack 3...
  9. P

    hands free

    l am so frightened something will happen to my husand during the night and we won't be able to reach out to anyone and l Am totally dependant on him l used to sleep with my cell phone But now l have no use of my hands any ideas pat
  10. rcharlton

    My 25mph hands-free power chair

    Up until last fall I was riding my hands free recumbent trike. It is a front wheel drive with one wheel out front and two in the rear. It has a coaster brake – so I can brake with my feet. It has lean steering so I don’t need hands to steer. The only thing that causes me problems is...