1. L

    Hal Finney (Halfin)

    Some of us will always remember Hal Finney, a brilliant software developer and all around neat guy who posted here as Halfin, along with his wife Fran. I am not part of his family or even a family friend, but I remember him well. This is a good article on his passing...
  2. halfin

    Update on HalFin

    . . I have been not too active on the forum lately. It has become hard for me to type more than a sentence or two. I mostly find myself offering condolences when people have passed, which is always sad. But at one time I was pretty active here so I thought I'd post an update. Also I'm trying...
  3. rose

    How about a cold war espionage follies soon?

    For starters, we've a couple of real life cryptographers on the forum; Zaphoon and Halfin (just have to convince Hal to join in)... actually no real life experience required (or real life writing skills either LOL) What do you all think? Just so you know, I want to be a SPY ~ not the...